1920’s: How To Get The Look

posted on 2/15/13

Are you going to a Roaring 20s party, or just want to join the latest fashion trend filled with inspirations from the Great Gatsby and Boardwalk Empire? Then take a look at our suggestions for hair, makeup, and accessories to complete your stylish ensemble!

The 1920s was filled with glamor and drama that is still seen being replicated on the red carpet today. Let us take you back to a time of silent film stars, flappers and speakeasies, by offering you tips & tricks to get the best 20’s look!


20’s hair relied heavily on curling irons, finger waves and waxes. Short, wavy hair was the norm. Straight bobs with bangs were also a very popular look. Ladies used accents like feathers, headbands, pins, and netting to accentuate their hairstyles.



Makeup in the 1920’s was all about bold contrast. Women painted their faces like porcelain dolls. Heavy eye makeup with dark lips was popular for a night out on the town. Another trend during this era was tweezing and/or concealing natural eyebrows in favor of painting on thin, fake eyebrows. However, more natural looks would leave the eye area alone with the focus being placed on bright red lips.

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1920s Theme Party Fashion and Accessories


Lastly, to complete the 20’s look you will need to dominate the Fashion and Accessory department!

Here is your 1920s Ultimate Fashion checklist:

Pearl Jewelry

Feather Boas

Flapper Headbands

Satin Gloves

Lace Gloves

Black Lace Pantyhose

Bob Wig

Cigarette Holder

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