Campfire Party

posted on 12/25/13

Looking for some fun things to do with kids this summer? Now is the best time to throw an outdoor party to enjoy the warm weather! A classic summer activity that has remained popular despite all the advances in technology, is the Campfire Party. Since the beginning of time, we humans have gathered around the flame to share food, stories, and each other’s company. Here we have put together this helpful guide to assist you with all your Campfire Party planning.


The Fire

Before the guests arrive, you will want to prepare your back yard for the campfire party. It is important to choose the area where the fire will be so that it is not too close to the house or beneath any low hanging tree branches, if possible. This way you won’t have to worry about a stray ember setting fire to your home or other structures.

You can build your own fire by clearing a spot that is free of grass, surrounding it with rocks to contain the blaze, and then begin by creating a pile of tinder (small sticks and dry leaves). Once you have a small fire going, you can add bigger sticks and pieces of wood to make it the right size and strength. For more campfire safety tips, just head over to the Smokey the Bear website.

If there isn’t enough ground space, try having mini table top campfires. All you have to do is line the inside of terra cotta pots with tin foil, fill them with charcoal, and BAM! You’ve got yourself s’more cooking centerpieces for your patio! Another option if you don’t have any outdoor space, or if the weather is uncooperative, is to throw your campfire party indoors. You can purchase a fake campfire and put it in your home for your guests to gather around.


The Snacks

Next you will want to take care of the refreshments for the campfire party. A must-have campfire treat is s’mores. For this you will need marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers to melt together over the flames. If your campfire is of the indoor variety, have no fear! There are other ways to combine these ingredients into a satisfying dessert that you can enjoy without fire. Try making a chocolate cake (or cupcakes) topped with marshmallow frosting and graham cracker crumbs!

Another camp themed snack is the classic “Worms in Dirt”. For this simple treat you will need chocolate pudding topped with crushed up Oreo cookies, and some gummy worms to come crawling out of the cup. In addition to these chocolate delights, you can have a bowl of trail mix for your guests filled with pretzels, nuts, raisins, cheerios, and whatever else you choose to include.


The Attire

Since you are going for a camp-themed atmosphere, it would be a good idea to help your guests dress the part. Have a supply of multicolored bandannas ready for people to tie around the heads or necks. Maybe you and the other adults could wear park ranger hats to get into the spirit. Wearing coonskin caps, or a fisherman’s bucket hat, could help the group feel like they are deep in the forest on a hunting/fishing expedition. For a fun campfire twist on the game “Duck, Duck, Goose”, have the person chasing wear a bear costume to simulate the terror of being hunted by a ferocious beast!


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