Video Games You Can Never Play

posted on 4/3/13

1. Survivor (2009)


A Project from Replay Studios, intended to be a disaster survival game based off escaping real-life historical tragides and their aftermath, including the Sinking of the Titanic, the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima, and the September 11 attacks. The game was set to be released in 2008 for Windows, Xbox, Playstation 2, and Gamecube but was pushed back a year before being then completely dropped.

Wish this game made it? Try: Raw Danger

2. Urban Race

Based off the real life sport off urban freerunning and Parkour, a physically demanding sport based off military obstacle courses. Set to be released for Windows and Xbox 360, The goal is to race other players through city and ancient ruins themed obstacle courses using freerunning and Parkour techniques and allowing for attacks on other players similar to other battle racing games such as Road Rash. A trailer was released in 2008 but no other word has been mentioned since leading to the conclusion of it’s cancellation.

Wish this game made it? Try: Mirror’s Edge [Download]

3. Thrill Kill

A Fighting Game where the characters are ten damned souls who in life were amoral murderers, now imprisoned and mutated in Hell, they are forced to fight each other for the entertainment of Marukka the Goddess of Secrets. Designed by Paradox Development (now Midway Studios) in the late 90s for the Sony Playstation. At the time, Thrill Kill was one of the first fighting games for a console that allowed for four players to participate in a fight simultaneously, and this was seen as a breakthrough for the genre and Thrill Kill was billed to the next Mortal Kombat, however, the concept was incredibly barbaric, nihilistic and sexual in nature, and the game featured dismemberment, fetishistic references and special moves with names like “Botched Facelift” and “Swallow This”. Weeks before it’s shipping, Paradox decided this concept was so senseless and appalling, they cancelled the release of the game and refused to sell the rights for any other publisher to release it. The game was fully developed at the time of cancellation and eventually leaked, because of it’s colorful history and the rise of software pirating and console emulation, this game went to live a second underground incarnation as fodder for gorehound bootleggers.

Wish this game made it? Try: Manhunt

4. GoldenEye 007

Bearing the same title as the same as the popular first person shooter for Nintendo 64 based off the James Bond Film, this game was supposed to be released in tandem for ill-fated Virtual Boy system with the N64 Game. Never released, the only thing that survived was a single screenshot and this copy “GoldenEye If you thought rush-hour traffic was a nightmare, wait ’til you get behind the wheel of 007’s car. Avoid obstacles and blow the other cars away. Buckle up for safety because, in this game, you never know what’s gonna happen.”

Wish this game made it? Try: Getting Over It

5. B.C.

By Intrepid Computer Entertainment and cancelled for unknown reasons, B.C. takes place in the prehistoric period populated with extinct animals such as dinosaurs and dodo birds. The player controls a tribe of proto-humans, the goal being to migrate and evolve the tribe to defeat their rivals, primary the ape-like “simians”. The game claimed to feature interactive environments that could be weaponized, including any object being used a weapon, poisonous plants, and triggering avalanches. The wide scope and complexity was an early sign of it’s eventual suspension, one of the developers, Molyneux, said they could not even give an estimation due to “the ambitious nature of the gameplay and the high standards the people developing it are pushing for.”

Wish this game made it? Try: Black & White 2

6. Ride to Hell

Deep Silver Vienna made the world’s first game to be produced on the UVS1 virtual stage, making it’s production more of a movie production model than a traditional game programming process. Set in the 1969, Ride to Hell is the story of a Vietnam Veteran returning to the US and becoming swept up in West Coast Biker Culture. Set to be released to Windows, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, most game sites consider the game to be indefinite suspension, but recently in February 2013, Australian Classification Board set it’s rating to R18+ leading to the belief it may still yet be released.

Wish this game made it? Try: Road Rash

7. GunBeat

Known also as Glitter GunBeat is an action racing game for Sega’s NAOMI arcade hardware, it was tested publicly and cancelled when the lead programmer left the company, with Sega deciding to end the project instead of replacing the employee. The game featured a fully 3D race course with players riding mounts, such as a giant hamster.

Wish this game made it? Try: Bomberman Fantasy Race

8. Chimera Beast

A unreleased arcade game developed by C.P. Brain, it’s genre being a sidescrolling shooter. Unknown to the public the exact reason for it’s cancellation, the concept and mechanics are known, with the player being in the role of an “eater”, an animal which gains power from eating it’s opponents. Facing mostly earth-like animals like fish, moles, and squirrels, the eater eventually reaches a human stage, facing modern technology like jets and tanks.

Wish this game made it? Try: Parodius- Imported (PSP)

9. Tattoo Assassins

Developed by Data East to compete against Mortal Kombat, this arcade fighting game boasted 2196 finishing moves featured nudity and animal based fatalities (before Mortal Kombat used “Animalities” ) and absurd ones including turning your opponent into a burger, or giving them diarrhea. Development strife, negative feedback from testers among other problems (Killer Instinct and Primal Rage were already released drawing up most of the genre advocates) lead to Tattoo Assassins being shelved for production, eventually the rights being sold in 2003 to G-Mode

Wish this game made it? Try: Killer Instinct

10. Drac’s Night Out

Never released but still available by NES reproduction services and home developers, made by Parker Brothers for the Original Nintendo Entertainment System, the game featured Count Dracula in Reebok Pump trying to reach his girlfriend Mina to drink her blood. Dracula can drink the blood of villagers along the way, the blood transforming him into a bat and wolf.

Wish this game made it? Try: Nosferatu: The Wrath Of Malichi

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