Candy Art: Upcycle old Wrappers

posted on 8/19/13

candy art

Martha Stewart’s imagination knows no bounds. Stewart’s sleek website can teach you how to properly butcher meat and plan, create, and execute the perfect holiday meal. Now Martha’s tackling a noble endeavor: candy art.

Halloween’s sole problem is the waste it produces. After enjoying the final piece of halloween candy, millions of americans are left with a pile of useless wrappers and a tummy ache. Leave it to Martha to solve the first problem.

Martha uses a simple decoupage technique to upcycle old halloween wrappers into beautiful candy art. The best part about her decoupage technique is that her candy art light switches are incredibly functional. If you’re looking for for a new light switch, a fun crafting project, or just a way to upcycle wrappers, look no further.

You’ll need a few tools and supplies to begin your candy art project. First, collect all those wrappers. Next, grab a few light-switch plates. Then, you’ll need an Iron, a glue stick or Mod Podge, a paintbrush, a pair of scissors, gel sealer, and a small utility knife.

Once you have collected your supplies, start by ironing the candy wrappers. Using a low heat, run your iron over the wrappers carefully to remove wrinkles. Next, line up the wrappers in whatever order you like. If you’re looking for a few creative ideas, take a quick look at the pictures above. Apply the glue stick or Mod Podge to the back of the wrappers. For this part of the candy art project, you want a nice even application of glue. Apply the wrapper, glue-side down, to the light-switch plate and carefully rub out any wrinkles. If you happen to have a bone folder on hand, now is a good time to use it; however, a bone folder isn’t necessary.

Once the plate is covered, make a small mark over the switch opening with your knife. Fold over the wrapper and glue it to the back of the light-switch plate. Using a screw, punch a hole through the top and bottom part of the plate. Don’t forget!

Okay, we’re almost done. The last step is to seal the entire plate with decoupage gel. When the plate is fully sealed, let it dry for about a half hour. Bingo! Candy art upcycled into a functional light-switch plate in a few easy steps! Thanks, Martha.

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