Candy Cane Style

posted on 11/29/13

The Peppermint Candy Cane; one of the most enduring symbols of modern Christmas. Instantly recognizable in sight and taste, the Candy Cane has origins in the 16th century. A choirmaster in Cologne wanted to keep children well behaved during the Nativity performance of Christmas Eve, so he commissioned a candy maker to make a new special type of candy for him to pass to the children. For the candy to have some religious implication and not just a polite way of keeping children subdued, the candy was made to resemble a Shepard’s crook and the colors of white and red reflected the holiness of Jesus.
One of the most striking color combinations, Candy Cane’s red and white are one of the most popular visual motifs during the Christmas Season rivaled perhaps only by the Green and Red. We here at Private Island know the importance of making an impression and with such a wide variety of accessories at our disposal, we submit our Candy Cane style guide to help you make an impression this Holiday Season.



Wigs and Hair accessories give an outfit that glamour punch to take it from “Um okay” to “Oh my god no way” feathers, hair extensions, or even our wild red and white Mohawk wig will make you a visual force to be reckoned with.



Should the weather get the best of you and displaying one’s hair is not an option or wanted, hats come to save the day. The fashionable turban, a favorite of old world dames and broads, and of course, the always relevant beret will surely show a style that is refined.



Don’t let that winter snow blind you, with harsh reflection of the sun on the white powdery sheets of slush, sunglasses are every bit as much a winter accessory as they are a summer staple. Red or white in any style, these bold and simple shades will always make an impression.



A fundamental winter accessory or a cherry on a top of an outfit, either for warmth or style, either way, scarves have limitless potential for ways to incorporate them into an outfit. If something feels like its “missing” there’s a good chance it’s this oft-overlooked shapeless piece of cloth.



With one’s extremities being frozen off our bodies, gloves are a must. Again, it is important to weigh style vs. practicality, be dashing in opera gloves or lace but don’t freeze your fingers off.



In the toolbox of our wardrobe, the lower half is maker or breaker. A simple top and candy cane leggings below may be all the excitement some need to get Christmas cheer across.

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