Candy Cupcakes: Wicked Witch

posted on 8/7/13

I love Halloween because it allows me to be incredibly creative with recipes. Recently, I stumbled upon a lovely recipe by Sweet Simple Stuff for candy cupcakes that will get everyone in the mood to celebrate this fall. The trick to these wickedly delicious candy cupcakes is simple: turn it upside down. The idea of turning a cupcake upside down is about as blasphemous to the gastronomy community as it gets. If the idea hasn’t immediately sent you running for the hills, allow me to make the case for presentation. Foodies love their presentation. From the perfect top on some freshly cooked creme brulee to the delicate art of drizzling sauce over any entree, you can win some serious chef points with a well-presented dish.

However, these candy cupcakes aren’t simply cupcakes that have been flipped upside down. That would be silly. These candy cupcakes represent something far more sinister than a bad kitchen accident: the wicked witch of the west. You’re probably familiar with her and her terrorizing ways.

If you’re throwing or attending a Halloween party this year, pay homage to one of the most wicked characters and beloved Halloween costume with these Wicked Witch candy cupcakes.

So let’s get started. To keep these candy cupcakes as easy as possible, get one of your favorite brands of boxed cupcakes. Follow the instructions and make a big batch of cupcakes. You’re also going to need a small arsenal of candy but that’s never really a bad thing. Feel free to get your favorite kinds of candy but a few that work really well with this recipe are Twizzlers (regular strawberry, black licorice, chocolate, or rainbow), Mike & Ikes, Starburst, Skittles, or Bubble Yum. You’re also going to need Hershey’s Kisses and Mini York Peppermint Patties.

Let’s start with the witch’s hat. Unwrap as many peppermint patties and kisses as cupcakes. Put a dab of frosting on the patty and place a kiss on top. The hats will go right next to your cupcake. Take two Starburst, Mike & Ikes, or Skittles and attach them to the end of the Twizzlers with some more frosting. This part takes a little patience but I’m confident that you’ll do just fine. You need, obviously, two “legs” per cupcake. When all your legs have been assembled and your cupcakes have been frosted, flip ‘em on top of the legs on a plate or platter. Don’t forget to place the hat next to your wicked candy cupcakes! This simple and inexpensive treat is a great way to celebrate Halloween!

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