Candy Wrapper Headbands

posted on 8/29/13

In the early days of November, thousands of American families find discarded candy wrappers littering their house. No one is blaming excited kids (and adults) for inhaling their Halloween candy so quickly that they entirely forget to recycle the wrappers. Most people are quick to throw away their wrappers but that creates such a wasted opportunity! This year, stockpile those leftover candy wrappers and put them to good use by making a candy wrapper headband

candy wrapper headband are a fun and easy craft families can make together. With a little adult supervision, kids will be bringing their new candy wrapper headband to school shortly after Halloween. If you have enough wrappers hanging around, your kids might even be able to make enough candy wrapper headband to give away during the winter holidays!

Biblio Bags blog has a great tutorial on how to turn those gross wrappers into beautiful candy wrapper headband. To start, you’ll need to collect every last candy wrapper you can find. Next, you’ll need plastic headbands that are at least an inch wide. You can probably find these at your local supermarket or Wal Mart. Additionally, you’ll need some paper, a pencil, an iron, a sharpie marker, iron-on vinyl,, and a hot glue gun. If you’re looking for some candy, try Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Sixlets, Big League Chew (some boys might like a headband too!) or Blow Pop Charms. You’re going to want to skip chocolate wrappers. Most of those use foil wrapping which is difficult to iron.

Take a piece of paper and wrap it around your headband. You need to stencil the outline of the headband. Leave a bit of a border around it to cut it out. With open (and clean) wrappers, line the headband template with the wrappers until the entire template is covered. You may need a few wrappers to do this and that’s just fine. Be sure to show off the logo!

With your iron-on vinyl, use the paper template to cut out to additional templates. Peel the paper side off and place the adhesive side facing up. Next, place the wrappers face down on the vinyl. Flatten the wrappers out as much as possible. Then you’re going to want to heat up your iron, steam-free. Place the vinyl on a covered ironing board and put the iron on the vinyl for about a second or two. Once the vinyl has fused to the wrapper, line it up on your headband. Finally, apply a little glue gun action to the edges of the candy wrapper headband and carefully fold the wrapper over the glue. Be careful, that stuff is hot!

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