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posted on 3/21/13

It’s never too soon to start planning for summer. My Mai Tai beach fantasies began with the first snowfall. This summer, you deserve—no—your face deserves the best sunglasses money can buy. Here at Private Island, we offer a wide selection of affordable sunglasses in many styles that have been given the thumbs up by some of America’s most beloved celebrities. Let’s check out some of our favorite celebrities and their favorite styles. And if you’re not sure where to start, check out our handy guide.

elton 400x300
Let’s begin with Sir Elton John. The industry’s favorite man, Sir Elton has been nursing an addiction to sunglasses for about sixty years now. He’s rumored to have a quarter of a million pairs hidden away in what I can only assume is his own special version of the bat cave. A quarter of a million pairs of sunglasses. I don’t even have a quarter of a million pennies. You won’t be able to find a pair of sunglasses that John does not own. So take your pick. Chances are, if you can buy it, Elton owns it.

Liza 400x300
You may know Liza Minnelli, the original EGOT winner, from her performance in Broadway’s Cabaret or her work as Lucille Bluth’s rival in Arrested Development. Your parents might remember her for her famous mother, Judy Garland, and for her tumultuous marriage to David Guest. These days, Minnelli isn’t known for her fashion sense but I think she’s on the right track with these lenses. So what if she stole them from creepy photo Terry Richardson? With these shades, Minnelli rocks hipster chic like the best of them.

ellen 400x300
Ellen Degeneres—the greatest dancer, lesbian, and comedian in the world—is almost always sporting aviators outdoors. The iconic, tinted frames are large enough to offer DeGeneres some degree of anonymity in public. On the other hand, that privacy is soon shattered when DeGeneres is accompanied by her beautiful and unmistakable wife, Portia de Rossi. Luckily, de Rossi’s style lends itself well to the distinct, classically feminine shape of black Jackie Oversized glasses.

neil 400x300
Everyone knows and loves the Wayfarer-styled sunglasses especially Neil Patrick Harris. These classic frames have stood the test of time since their initial debut in 1952. Here, Harris is enjoying the legen-wait for it-dary black wayfarer frames. These frames are a signature style in Hollywood and are must-haves for everyone. If you’re not in love with black or tortoise frames, try a pair with a cool pattern or bold colors.

hugh 400x300
Did you think that Kanye West originated the shutter shade movement? Rumor has it, Hugh Hefner has been wearing shutter shades since the very earliest days of his Playboy empire. The seemingly immortal American hero has the envy of most men and style to boot. Join his ranks with some colorful shutter shades.

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