Clever Easter Eggs I Could Never Create

posted on 3/19/14

Easter isn’t my favorite holiday. Baskets full of candy are great, of course. But as someone who stringently dislikes dressing up, Easter and all of its bonnet glory is basically the antithesis of my favorite holidays. In my opinion, pastel dresses and frilly hats can and should stay closeted—I’d rather poke at burgers on the barbecue with a beer in hand while waiting for colorful gunpowder to blow up in the sky.


With that said, I must give credit where credit is due: decorating Easter eggs can be fun. The same thing happens to me while I toil over delicate eggs and cups of dye: I envision myself creating an egg worthy of the museum of modern art but frequently end up with a dumb broken egg and fist full of yolk.


Lucky for me, real artists exist in the world and they come with far more talent and patience than I. So in the spirit of Easter, I teamed up with the internet and found some impressive Easter eggs. Take a stab at trying to make some for yourself. I can’t tell you how, though. Remember, I’m terrible at most forms of art.


May The Egg Be With You

Star Wars Eggs

Hey, look! The whole gang showed up! A carton of a dozen eggs offers the perfect amount of space to create your very own egg version of star wars. Personally, I think this team would be well suited with a Bobba Fett egg. Under absolutely no circumstances should there be a Jar Jar Binks egg, however. Just don’t do it.


The Super Egg Brothers

Mario Easter Eggs I am proud to admit that I love Nintendo and I’m not talking about Nintendo Wii or any of the new systems they keep trying to churn out. I still have my original Nintendo Entertainment System from 1987. Needless to say, I love these Mario-themed eggs. If you’re a baby of the eighties, you probably think highly of them as well. I only wish they came with the theme song.


Holey Egg

Holey Egg I don’t even know where to start. These eggs are crazy beautiful. Slovanian artist Franc Grom uses a drill (that’s right–a drill) to carve little holes in the shell. Each egg has thousands of holes, creating quite possibly the most fragile eggs and beautiful eggs of all time.

KISS Easter

KISS Eggs You don’t have to be a fan of the band KISS to appreciate these eggs. They are simple, clever, and represent an iconic band that is bound to get attention at your Easter Dinnner. Imagine passing a plate of ham to grandma while trying to explain who Gene Simmons is and why he and his friends like to wear makeup all the time. Bound to be a memorable time.

Zombie Eggggggs

Zombie Eggs

These zombie-themed eggs are great because, first and foremost, they won’t try and eat you. If by some insane chance your zombie eggs DO try to eat you, you simply can drop them. Game over. These eggs look pretty simple to make. All you need is a little dye, a sharpie, and a good drawing hand.

Alright, those eggs were cool and everything but I’m going to go wait for the fourth of July now.

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