Clown Party: A How To Guide

posted on 6/21/13

Looking for some fun things to do with kids this summer? Why not bring the excitement of a circus sideshow into your own home! Clowns have traditionally been hired as professional entertainers for kids’ parties, but that doesn’t mean you can’t produce some of that classic humor for them yourself. With a few wardrobe adjustments and simple gags, anyone can fill the comically oversized shoes of these zany oafs. Here we have put together this helpful guide to assist you with all your Clown Party planning.

The Costumes

Depending on how many adults and children will be dressed as clowns, you will want to choose your costume accessories accordingly. Have a bowl of red foam noses for all who are attending. This will put everyone in a goofy spirit! You can also supply your guests with some plastic oversized glasses to make them feel like they are in a wacky “fun zone”.

For more elaborate clown costumes, you can find a full body multicolored suit in either adult or children’s sizes. Pair that with your choice of wild wig options. Clowns are known for their poofy hairstyles in an array of bright colors. Face paint can be applied to display a garish grin at all times. White gloves will also help add to the immortal illusion by concealing any hint of humanity on this festive goon!


The Snacks

Next, you will want to take care of the refreshments for your clown party. For a salty treat, you can serve things that people associate with the circus like popcorn, peanuts, or corn dogs. Another good circus snack is cotton candy. For this specialty you would need to purchase a cotton candy maker. If you own a deep fryer, then you could also serve fried dough with the options of tomato sauce or powdered sugar as toppings!

Other clown party snacks could focus on the decorative elements used in cake design and cupcake design. Using colored frosting, ice cream cones, and colored candies, you can make all kinds of fanciful treats for your guests to enjoy. There could be cake that looks like a circus tent, or perhaps a stage on which you could place a clown figurine (similar to the bride and groom figurines on wedding cakes). Cupcakes can be transformed to look like clown’s faces. Even simple designs that use the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) to make stripes and polka dots would convey a circus theme.


The Activities

There are many different kinds of jokes and gags that clowns like to do for kids at these kind of parties. If you know how to juggle, or want to learn how before the party, great! Another fun trick to do for the kids is to make things out of twisty balloons. You can find tutorials online for simple animals, flowers, hats, swords, or glasses that can all be created by manipulating these colorful balloons! Alternately, there are funny pranks like the “bang gun” or the “snake in a can” that clowns use to entertain children, and require no special skill. If it is a birthday party, try using some magic relighting candles on the cake to get a laugh out of the crowd!

A great activity for a clown party is a face painting booth. Enlist the help of other parents or chaperones to assist with this endeavor. You can have one or more people set up at a table with an assortment of colored face paints, brushes, make up sponges, and water. It is a good idea to include printed examples of simple clown designs for the kids to choose from. These should start with a white base that is applied all over the face with a sponge, and allowed time to dry. Then go back with smaller brushes and use the other colors to create a big outline around the mouth, with some accents around the eyes and cheeks. The kids can put their foam noses back on after this, or you can paint a red nose on them.


If you follow these helpful guidelines, your clown party will be a huge success!

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