Dead Celebrity Theme Party

posted on 7/29/13


Are you the kind of person who feels that the dead deserve to rest in peace? That it is in poor taste to pay homage to a deceased celebrity via costume “too soon” after they have died? Me either! That’s why you should check out this handy guide to planning a completely inappropriate soiree that all of your equally crass friends will absolutely love. Although there is no wrong time of year to plan this raucous event, people are more inclined to participate in costumed theme parties around Halloween. However, famous people die all the time. If some pro-athlete or movie star bites the dust tomorrow, you should waste no time throwing together a Dead Celebrity party to properly mourn this passing. The possibilities for cross-generational hookups and exploits is without bounds. Break out your Thriller jacket and practice your best slurred speech, it’s time to throw a Dead Celebrity theme party!


There are several approaches you can take when it comes to setting the mood for this ghastly and glamorous affair. First, you need to decide if your Dead Celebrity party will be taking place here on earth, or in the great beyond!


If you choose the former, then it is time to transform your home or venue into a star-studded cemetery. Fake headstones can be made out of cut wood or cardboard, then spray painted gray to look like stone. For a fun game, put the birth year and death year of various celebrities on the grave markers and have people guess which celebrity is being represented on each! Hanging chandeliers, fancy candelabras, and sprinkled black rose petals will add a sense of classy horror to the party atmosphere.


The other option for your Dead Celebrity theme party décor is to create a vision of heavenly splendor. This will involve draping sheer white fabric from the ceiling and walls of your venue to give your guests the feeling that they are famous spirits mingling amongst the clouds. Alternatively, you can use white pillow stuffing, white paper cutouts, or white balloons tied to strings and hang these fake clouds from the ceiling. A smoke machine can also be employed to circulate a white cloudy mist throughout the room. White flower centerpieces and twinkling lights will help to make this heavenly scene feel like the V.I.P. section of the afterlife.



This is the most important part of any Dead Celebrity theme party. Paying costumed tribute to the deceased legends is something that requires knowledge of their style and mannerisms. There are many varieties of dead celebrities that people can choose from for their party costumes. Movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean are popular choices. In the music world, talented individuals such as Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon, and Jimi Hendrix live on in our memories and wardrobe selections. There are also famous dead historical figures like George Washington, Albert Einstein, and Amelia Earhart that make great costumes for events like these. Full body costumes, complete with hair, makeup, and clothing can be implemented. An quick and dirty solution would be to just get a celebrity mask, an angel halo, and some angel wings.



Even most living celebrities barely eat, never mind the dead ones! But if your guests really insist on having their mortal needs met, there are a few Dead Celebrity theme snacks and drinks you can serve. You will definitely need some champagne on hand to make these A-List guests feel adequately pampered. Hollywood themed cookies, that are shaped like Oscar statues or stars, would be a novel treat. Also, try to incorporate some graveyard motifs into your party snacks. Cupcakes can be decorated with colored frosting and graham cracker headstones to look like a tray of cemetery plots.

If you follow these simple guidelines your Dead Celebrity Theme Party will be an outrageous success!

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