Evil Clown Theme Party

posted on 10/19/14

coul·ro·pho·bi·a (n.) – an extreme fear of clowns.

Evil clowns are one of the most enduring fears from our youth. For some children (and adults), these garish creatures with their jaunty movements and terrifying grins, are the pinnacle of horror. In popular culture, the evil clown has been most notably referenced in the movie It, based on the Stephen King novel. Tim Curry puts on an incendiary performance as Pennywise, a child-murdering clown who has been preying upon a small town for hundreds of years. In real life, the prolific serial killer John Wayne Gacy used to dress up as a clown for children’s parties, and created creepy as all-get-out portraits of his clown alter ego “Pogo” during his imprisonment. There’s just something about the symbiotic relationship between clowns and murder that cuts right to the core of our inner psyche. So what better way to celebrate Halloween , or just scare the living shit out of your friends, than by hosting your very own Evil Clown Theme Party? Here we have put together a helpful guide to assist you with all your party planning needs.



Depending on how many adults will be dressed as evil clowns, you will want to choose your costume accessories accordingly. Have a bowl of red foam noses for all who are attending. This will put everyone in a heinously goofy spirit! You can also supply your guests with some plastic oversized glasses and rubber knives to really make them feel like they are in a wacky murder zone.

For more elaborate evil clown costumes, you can get yourself a full body multicolored suit. Pair that with your choice of wild wig options. Evil clowns are known for their poofy hairstyles in an array of bright colors. Face paint can be applied to display a sinister grin at all times. White gloves will also help to conceal any hint of humanity on this demented goon! To top it all off, you will definitely want a copious amount of fake blood to splatter on your evil clown costume, and smear around the mouth. The goal is look like you love making people laugh, but not as much as you love seeing their innards twisted through your jovial claws like a goddamn balloon giraffe.



Next, you will want to take care of the refreshments for your evil clown party. You should keep things centered around circus life and clowns, but with a nefarious twist. A delightfully disgusting treat that meets these requirements is Strawberries and Cream Popcorn. Your guests can pretend to be feasting on the sticky sweet brains of the Evil Clown’s murder victims. Another idea for this macabre soiree is to serve some bloody circus stripe beverages. These are simply alcoholic milk shakes that have been drizzled with grenadine to create a ghastly effect. Other evil clown party snacks could focus on the decorative elements used in cake design and cupcake design. Using colored frosting, ice cream cones, and colored candies, you can make all kinds of malevolent treats for your guests to enjoy. Baked goods can be transformed to look like evil clown faces.


Use your disturbing imagination to get creative and show your guests the most horrifying night of their lives!

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