Fedora Style Guide: Look Fedorable This Fall

posted on 8/27/13

For over a century, the fedora hat has been a staple in popular fashion. It was originally designed as a woman’s hat worn by the infamous cross-dressing thespian, Sarah Bernhardt, for the play titled Fedora. Worn by women’s rights activists during the turn of the century, the fedora eventually became co-opted by men during the 1920’s.

Fedoras are commonly associated with the Prohibition Era gangsters, like Al Capone. If you are looking to complete a 1920’s themed costume, a fedora would be a great way to achieve that look.

In the 1950’s, Frank Sinatra became a household name when his sexy songs started sweeping the nation. He was very fond of wearing fedoras, which added to his bad boy allure. All the guys wanted to be as cool as Frankie.

In 2007, the retro-fetishist television show Mad Men introduced the world to the mysterious Donald Draper. As he navigates the fancy world of big shot advertising and snazzy philandering in the 1960’s, he wears many a fedora.

The Blues Brother started as a comedy sketch on SNL during the late 1970’s. The act was so popular that the actors, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, recorded an actual record and movie centering around the fictitious band. Their black fedoras, sunglasses, and suits combine for an iconic look that is easy to emulate.

Indiana Jones brought new associations to the fedora during the 1980’s. With his daredevil adventures and book smart charms, Indy was able to make the sleek fedora look rugged. Pair a brown fedora with a leather jacket and you’ve got an instant Indiana Jones costume!

In modern culture, the fedora has been adapted to suit the needs of many different fashion icons. Johnny Depp is a big fan of wide brimmed fedoras that compliment his eccentric personality and style.

Will.i.am has a penchant for rocking colorful fedoras that are made out of fuzzy materials like felt. His artistic style includes wearing fedoras that are accentuated with funky trim.

Justin Timberlake freaking loves fedoras. There is no occasion for which this man does not have a corresponding fedora. What a guy!

Ladies, don’t fret! These badass head accessories are not just for men. Here we see Ashley Simpson sporting the popular Cuban-style straw fedora.

The important thing to remember about cultivating personal style is that this process starts at birth. It is never too soon to start wearing fedoras. Many hat retailers carry these slick styles in a variety of children’s sizes so that your little one can stand out from the rest of his unrefined peers.

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