Ghost Stories from The Stars

posted on 10/17/14

Last week we told you about Lincoln’s Ghost, but it’s not just famous people who come back as ghosts, sometimes the ghosts visit the celebs themselves! This week we reveal some of Tinseltown’s weirdest ghost stories and paranormal encounters with souls from the great beyond!

Ace Frehley

Kiss is known for their outlandish stage acts and ghoulish makeup, but did you the band has some real life ghost stories? Guitarist Ace Frehely was once physically assaulted by a ghost? According to the story, the cowardly spirit didn’t even appear. Instead the prankster poltergeist pulled a book from off a water cooler and smacked Ace’s head.

Anna Nicole Smith

One of the most totally weird and wild ghost stories, the now deceased (RIP) Anna Nicole Smith claims to have had a sexual encounter with a ghost! She said: “I was freaked out about it, but then I was, like, ‘Well, you know what? He’s never hurt me and he just gave me some amazing sex, so I have no problem.'” Originally believing it to be her then boyfriend, Anna carried on the ghostly affair for a brief time before awakening one night and discovering the reality of her spiritual lover.

Keanu Reeves

One of the more horrifying tales of celebrity ghost stories from Keanu, which has been verified by his sister who saw the same ghoulish presence, in his boyhood home, Keanu and his sister were visited one night by horrifying apparition, a ghost wearing a double-breasted suit, just a torso floating in midair!! Holy Moly, Welcome to the Ghostrix Neo!

Demi Lovato

Another horrible tale of a ghost visitation to a celebrity as child, The dynamo; actress, singer and musician reports a terrorible tale. When this starlet was at the age of eight, Lovato claims a ghost flew out of her closet at her, Yikes! take a tip from ghost stories, stay away from the closet!

La Toya Jackson

The visitations of Micheal Jackson since his tragic death have been numerous and ghost stories about the star are commonplace (similar to the Elvis sightings phenomenon) But perhaps his sister’s La Toya’s is the most strange, According to her, Michael’s ghost has turned lights off and on in his home which the she takes as a sign he’s trying to communicate with their family. She also claims Mike has appeared to her in the curtains of his old home wearing the pearls he was dressed in his coffin during his funeral!

For more information on this topic, there’s a great series from Biography Channel called “Celebrity Ghost Stories” featuring some crazy tales from some of Hollywood’s greatest entertainers!

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