Gross Ice Cream

posted on 7/12/13

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! These delectably spooky treats are sure to send a chill down your spine. Serve these gross ice cream treats at your next Halloween party and it’s sure to be a scary success!

Melting Ice Cream Faces
melting ice cream faces
These things are definitely a horrifying surprise to find staring at you from the bottom of a cup, and they keep getting creepier as they melt!

How To Make It: Start by scooping a lump of vanilla ice cream into the bottom of a cup or dish. Using the back of a spoon or a small spatula, carefully sculpt a ridge for the nose, two pockets for the eyes and a channel for the mouth. Then, using the syrup of your choice (chocolate or strawberry will give you the most gruesome effect), fill the eyes and mouth. Let them sit for a few minutes before serving, so that the creepy melting effect can begin to take place.

Ice Cream Eyeballs
ice cream eyeballs
This truly gross ice cream treat is deceptively simple: there’s nothing too challenging to do here, but the trick is all in the presentation!

How To Make It: Start by preparing a plate with a little pool of strawberry syrup. Take a nice, round scoop of vanilla ice cream and use a butter knife to smooth/sculpt the bottom so that the scoop is as round as possible. Once you’re satisfied with it, place it gently in the middle of the pool of strawberry syrup. Drizzle some more strawberry syrup over the top to give the appearance of a bloodshot eye. Finish by placing a blue, green or brown M&M (logo side down) on the top of the scoop to be the iris, and add either a chocolate chip or a little dot of black icing to be the pupil. And voila! A deliciously grotesque Halloween ice cream creation!

Witch Ice Cream
witch ice cream This adorable little creation is probably more cute than gross, but it’s perfect to get you in the Halloween spirit!

How To Make It: Start with a scoop of green ice cream–mint is probably the most common, but green tea would work too, if that’s your preference–and a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone. (You can make your own dipped cone by melting chocolate morsels on the stove, dipping an ice cream cone in the chocolate, and letting them cool on a tray in the freezer. You can also buy pre-dipped cones at many supermarkets.) Place the dipped cone on top of the scoop of ice cream like a hat on a witch’s head. Add M&M’s or other round candies for eyes, a piece of candy corn for a nose, and piping gel or a strip of red licorice for the mouth. Add small strips of black licorice poking out from under the hat to be her stringy hair. Serve and enjoy!

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