Halloween Cocktails: Booo-ze To Die For

posted on 6/13/13

No party is complete without a vast cocktail menu. The best part about hosting a Halloween party is impressing your guests with a series of Halloween cocktails that will knock their socks off. Here at Private Island, we’ve tested these Halloween cocktails at our annual Halloween party and, trust me, they will not disappoint. Join me on this two-part journey of the best Halloween cocktails we have found!

Black Devil Cocktail Hour



Dark rum and olives seems like a weird mix, right? It’s not–it’s a delicious, old-fashioned play on the savory and salty mix. This Halloween cocktail will have your guests howlin’ at the moon in no time. Let’s start with the sugar. You can buy orange sugar, but it’s a lot cheaper to just make your own. Simply put one cup of sugar in a jar. Slowly add two drops of orange food coloring into the sugar. Close the lid and shake the mix like crazy for a minute. Add more coloring if you want a darker orange! On to the Halloween cocktail, mix two ounces of dark rum with half an ounce of dry vermouth. Shake quickly in a cocktail shaker with ice and let the mixture sit for a moment. Rim a martini glass with orange sugar. Pour the mixture into the glass and garnish with a black olive. Delicious!

Bloody Brain Shots



Build your very own bloody brain! These Halloween cocktails win bonus points for turning you into a mad scientist. So let’s talk science for a second: acid in alcohol makes milk products curdle. You remember that from all of those car bombs last St. Patrick’s Day, yes? This reaction is going to help you make little brains in your cocktail. Start by chilling a bottle of strawberry vodka, preferably overnight. Add 1 ¼ ounce vodka and an ⅛ ounce of Rose’s lime juice to a shaker. Shake vigorously and strain the mixture into a shot glass. Now, take a straw and dip it in some Bailey’s Irish cream. Using the your finger, cover the top of the straw and dip it into the vodka. Slowly release your finger. The Bailey’s will curdle slightly, so you’ll be able to make little strands that look like a brain. When you’re brains are made, drizzle a little splash of grenadine over the top. This will make your brain look like it’s bleeding. Gross? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely.

We’re starting off slow but there are oh so many more delicious Halloween cocktails that will kill at your party. Stay tuned for part two of our Halloween Cocktails series!

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