Halloween Costume Idea: French Rabbit

posted on 6/11/13

Oh wee wee, Oo La La, it’s the French Rabbit: the most social of the social bunnies. A well-known wit in the animal kingdom and at the dinner halls and luxury clubs of all Europe. She is a fighter and dilettante in all ways, able to relax quietly and rise wildly to the occasion as necessary, she is the perfect Halloween Costume Idea for those wishing to show their love of animals and high culture, with her eye-catching purple wig, cut fashionably to the chin in a ferocious bob. The overall effect of the French Rabbit is one of sophistication, a love of the finer things, a lover of knowledge, culture and of course finely cooked carrots.

A fashionista to the core, Hoping from Paris to Milan, this jet setting bunny is the toast of Europe in cateye glasses, and purple beret. Her fashion is contrived and deliberate, the Cateye glasses are an intentional choice as to show her dedication to value of the academe and the beret is the symbol her belief in high fashion, The French Rabbit is also well known for her palette As the French are known for their Gastronomy, her palette only accepts the finest of carrots and carrot sticks, perhaps a good additional prop for this Halloween Costume Idea is a carrot from your local grocery.

As rabbits are known as being frivolous romantics, even the demure French Rabbit has left her wake of ex-husbands as well, famous ones too! Sir Walter Rabbitry of England was her first husband, a weathly rabbit; owner of numerous carrots, Edward Hopper, the famous America painter was her second love when she fled her wealthy first husband to live the bohemian life, for this Halloween Costume idea, perhaps a beau in similar apparel would make the look really complete.

The French Rabbit is quite mysterious and doesn’t reveal much about herself, however she gives clues to her aristocratic background with her chic cigarette holder and pearls. The cigarette holder tells of a wizened woman, needing of a smoke as a release from life’s tension and the pearls, the mark of the love of beautiful expensive babbles. But combined together with her apparel this tells of her long travels from her family’s warrens, but the French Rabbit does not live in the past, she ever hops along to the next dinner party or adventure as your latest Halloween Costume Idea.

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