Halloween Costume Idea: Space Diva Bounty Huntress

posted on 10/6/14


Keeping riff raff out of the intergalactic highways and solar systems is a dangerous job, but somebody’s got to do it. Space Diva Bounty Huntress is just the woman for the job. With elite training in extraterrestrial apprehension and a thirst for criminal justice, this little lady has never met a bounty she couldn’t catch. When the intergalactic authorities have a dangerous space thug go on the run, the first call they make is to Space Diva Bounty Huntress. “We got another bounty for you,” they grunt, shriek, buzz, or bleep in whatever language is spoken on their particular planet. Space Diva’s fashionable sunglasses, which also serve as an interplanetary communication device, will translate the message and provide her with a detailed profile of her intended prey.

Some people wonder how a stunning damsel such as Space Diva Bounty Huntress could end up chasing intergalactic criminals for a living. What they may not know is that bounty hunting runs in her iridescent space blood. Space Diva’s father was a bounty hunter, and his father before him. Not only that, but Space Diva Bounty Huntress knows how to think like a criminal because she used to be one herself. After dropping out of school in the 87th grade (similar to our 11th grade here on planet earth), Space Diva ran away from home and went on a legendary crime spree that spanned 300 light years. She was caught by her own father who sacrificed his freedom so that she may keep hers. This act of selfless love caused Space Diva to change her ways and enter the family business to honor her father’s legacy.

Space Diva Bounty Huntress is now a fiercely dedicated hammer of justice who lets nothing get in her way. As you might imagine, a career-driven woman such as herself has little time for an active social life. Romance has always been a challenge for Space Diva. While she has no shortage of suitors, the hectic lifestyle she leads is prohibitive to forming long-lasting intimate bonds. For this reason, Space Diva Bounty Huntress often finds herself entangled with the felonious creatures she is tracking through the universe. Seduction has become her ultimate tool in apprehending these outlaws and satisfying her own womanly desires. Though the light years may get lonely at times, Space Diva Bounty Huntress rests easy knowing that someday her one true love will come along. She just hopes the price on his head and/or heads is not too high to pass up turning him in.

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