Halloween Costume Idea: Zombie Superhero

posted on 8/20/13

When people think of zombies, they generally have negative associations with the undead who walk the earth. Sure, these reanimated corpses may have an insatiable hunger for human brains, but that is not to say that they can’t also be benevolent creatures. Most zombies are fairly indiscriminate about which human’s brains they feast on, this is true. But there are rare anomalies in the zombie population. These individuals use their terrifying resolve for good instead of evil. One of these noble specimens is Super Zombie. Crime rates have taken a dramatic nosedive in the years since Super Zombie first appeared on the scene.
People will be standing around outside when suddenly they notice a foul odored green liquid dripping on their shoulders. “Is it a broken air conditioner? An acid rain come to wipe the earth clean? No, it’s Super Zombie!” They will look up to see his rotting carcass gliding through the clouds on his way to correcting some grave injustice. Be it murderers, thieves, kidnappers, or any number of morally bankrupt offenders, Super Zombie will be there to set things right. He swoops in, gobbles up the brains of the criminal, then it’s up, up, and away! Super Zombie leaves just as quickly as he came, presumably to avoid capture by the human authorities who do not appreciate his meddling in their affairs.
If he’s not out fighting crime and spreading the stench of decay throughout the city, Super Zombie enjoys anonymity as a regular zombie. He disguises himself with broken glasses and assimilates with the rest of the zombie hordes that roam the streets, groaning and rudderless. The truth is, Super Zombie does have a direction that governs his actions and guided him onto his current vigilante career path. Although his heart has long stopped beating, he still has a special fondness for a lady friend he knew during his days as a living human. Super Zombie actively tries to keep his love interest safe despite the fact that she is the head of the Zombie Eradication Committee. This unrequited yearning may never be reciprocated, but this is Super Zombie’s cross to bear.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Idea: Zombie Superhero
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  2. Jenny Rose

    Hey Emily! that was really nice post I liked it so much a superhero can be zombie. I have an idea which is given by one of my friends Punk Zombie Child Costume best kids for zombie walk… thanks for your post well…

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