Halloween Costume Idea: Butch Butterfly

posted on 7/16/13


The Butch Butterfly is a sensitive soul trapped in the body of a rugged laborer. Though he may possess the sheer brawn and masculine physique of hardened manly man, this gentle spirit is known for his delicate nature. Throughout his troubled youth, Butch Butterfly was ruthlessly bullied by fellow classmates for being different. His beautiful wings and undulating antennae made him the target of more than a few close-minded peers. But instead of allowing these indignities to defeat him, Butch Butterfly rose above the torment to become an enlightened individual.

This transcendental worldview does not come without its burdens. The high road can be a lonely place, especially for a man that is half butterfly. Frustration and loneliness have caused Butch Butterfly to get himself into trouble on more than one occasion. Be it dalliances with married women, or high speed chases with law enforcement in his ’95 Chevy Blazer, the Butch Butterfly is constantly seeking to fill his inner void with adventure. Though he longs for a close connection, he is only able to leave a trail of broken hearts and delinquent child support payments in his wake.

Another complication in Butch Butterfly‘s existence is his strained relationship with his over-achieving brother, Randy. Being only two years apart in age, Butch and Randy were in constant competition for the admiration of their parents. Randy, who had his butterfly wings surgically removed at a young age, was able to acclimate himself more easily in his formative years. With his knack for public speaking and effortless charm, it was the logical progression for Randy to enter politics. He worked his way up the ladder of success and currently holds a seat in the U.S. Senate. Butch Butterfly sees his brother has a sellout for betraying his winged roots to conform with a world that rewards homogeneity.

As a result of Butch Butterfly’s skirmishes with the law, and small town scandals, he has become a nuisance to Senator Randy’s ambitious power quest. The brothers regularly quarrel, with Randy telling Butch that he is nothing more than a majestic disgrace to the family. Despite these tensions, Butch Butterfly is able to maintain his carefree attitude and lackadaisical lifestyle with minimal distress. He is at present making a spontaneous trip down Mexico way in the Blazer to kick back and enjoy some ice cold cervesas with some red hot senoritas.

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