Halloween Costume Ideas: Trendy Toucan

posted on 7/9/13


The Tropical Bird with the beak for fashion, a free flying colorful spirit who is the toast of the jungle, the dinner club, the beaches, the boutique and the salon, The Trendy Toucan with her bright pearl choker, Jackie style shades and long shiny purple hair is the lavish symbol of excess and luxury, a perfect inspiration for your Halloween costume idea.

The Trendy Toucan is a force to be reckoned with in the club, on the go or at exclusive secret bird fashion show with the rest of the Parisian Parrots. Know your references from Dior to Chanel and all the rest if you don the Trendy Toucan as your Halloween costume idea.

As a symbol of haute couture, The Trendy Toucan is always seen rubbing elbows with Birdi Minaj, Mariah Birdy, Feather Swift, and all the other current bird celebrities. Hanging out in their penthouses eating the finest Seeds that money can buy, this is one social scene that’s “for the birds!”

When avoiding the parrotarazzi, that’s when the Jackie shades come in hand. One must protect one’s glamorous self from the sheer shockwave of cameras flashing, interviewers questioning, and autographs seeking. The Trendy Toucan loves to mingle with the crowd and experience the nightlife, but she needs her aloofness intact, and no shades cut it like the Jackies.

In her mansion full of exotic animals, clothes, and perches, The Trendy Toucan combs her luxurious purple hair, a striking royal shade that only the highest paid bird hairstylists may touch. For a Halloween costume idea, the purple hair will give the Trendy Toucan an air of an attention seeking fashionista, a most necessary accessory is the wig; curly, straight, styled or down, the Trendy Toucan’s purple wig is a vital part of what makes her “Trendy”.

A Halloween costume idea is all about the details, a flapper’s pearl choker looks elegant as the Trendy Toucan and expresses her sophistication, wealth and knowledge of the lessons of trends past. She stays on top of what’s hot by cherrypicking the best from all seasons and styles. If you pick the Trendy Toucan for your Halloween costume idea, don’t forget your Jimmy Choos, your Prada bag, your Lamborghini and your platinum credit card because the Trendy Toucan is the bird for luxury, the one who gets what she wants and knows what’s hot before the other early birds even know what hit them.

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