Halloween Face Paint Ideas: Pirate

posted on 10/7/14

This year, I’ll be throwing a huge Halloween party. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I want this party to be memorable. I’ll be blogging some great tips and tricks in the coming weeks that will help you save time and money for your Halloween bash.

Costume parties are the quintessential Halloween celebration. My problem is that my friends will wait until the last minute to find a costume. They will mindlessly comb through their local thrift store’s racks twenty minutes before they are supposed to show up to my party. I’m attempting to prevent this by coming up with some great, inexpensive Halloween costumes that look awesome and can be thrown together at the last minute. We’re going to start with some basic Halloween face paint ideas.



There are so many great Halloween face paint ideas but my favorite is definitely the pirate. Lots of little girls and boys love pirates, so it’s a great option for children. And pirate face paint is great for adults, too, because inevitably someone will end up pretending to be Captain Morgan by the end of the night.

To start with our first of many easy Halloween face paint ideas, we’ll need some basic supplies. First, you need to get some black face makeup or some eyeliner. Open your tube of cream and apply it to a sponge gently. You’re going to start with the goatee. Dab or draw a little patch of hair on the chin. Next, add the handlebar-style mustache on top. Make the ends curly and flare out. After you’ve applied the mustache, move to the brows. The makeup over your brows should be bushy. They should look gruff, like you just watched a fifty-pound cannon ball destroy the side of a ship.

Once you have finished applying the goatee and brows, add some detail! Draw a thin line across the check and add little scar marks. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it should be big enough to remind everyone that you’re a damn pirate and you’ve seen some serious stuff. If you’re really serious, pick up a bottle of Rigid Collodion, or, “scarring liquid” as it is called in the industry. Rigid Collodion is a clear solution created for special effects. When it is paint on a small area of the skin, it wrinkles as it dries. Once it is dried, you can fill it in with a little fake blood. Your fake scar just got serious.

When the scar is finished, add a little dirt to your face. Put a tiny blob of black makeup on your cheek and smudge it with your thumb. Add some to your chin or jaw line. All that’s left to wrap up this awesome costume is a black bandana, a pirate hat, and a pirate flag!

Stay tuned for more Halloween face paint ideas.

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