Halloween Face Painting: Zombies

posted on 6/14/13

Welcome to part two of our Halloween Face Painting series. Last week we focused on Pirate Halloween Face Painting. Without even consulting IMDB, I can think of a dozen zombie-related shows or films that have taken over screens all over the world. The success of Robert Kirkman’s graphic-novel-turned-hit-teevee-series has producers and directors hopping on board the apocalyptic wave. Brad Pitt is even on board, you guys!



The potential for the zombie apocalypse has really been great for me. I exercise now. When the plague strikes, I’m going to need to run for more than approximately thirteen seconds without getting winded. I’ve gone from lazy urban dweller to urban dweller with a roof garden, a six-month supply of canned goods, and expert knowledge of advanced survival skills.

There really isn’t a better time to be a zombie for Halloween. It just makes sense. Today we’re going to talk about how to turn you into a zombie with some simple Halloween face painting tips.



You’ll need some colorful face paint. Ideal colors to have at your disposal are white, grey, green, black, and yellow. Start with a white base. Dab your sponge in the white face paint and move it swiftly around your face. You don’t want to look like a mime, but you definitely want to cover your skin. After that, mix a little yellow with some white and accent around your eyes, forehead, and cheeks. Again, you’ll want to hit the perfect balance here. You don’t want to look like Big Bird. This mixture of white and yellow will help you make look like you just got the virus. The white and yellow make your base. Now it’s time to accent with grey. You want to put a coat of grey face paint around your eyes, mouth, and cheeks. The grey will help your skin look hollowed out, and, well, dead. Zombie flesh can help really bring home that dead-flesh look.

So, you’ve been at it for about five minutes and you’re almost done. That is the beauty of zombie Halloween face painting. Now, all you need to do is dab some light green (mix it with the white and grey if you want to get crazy) around your face. Heed my warning on balance, too much of one color will throw off the zombie vibe. The goal is to do a little bit of everything so those colors can mix in a dead zombified kind of way. Fake arms and hands will help, too.

Top off your Halloween face painting with a little fake blood. Since you’re a zombie, you do enjoy eating flesh, so you’re bound to be bloody. Stay tuned for next week’s Halloween face painting creation!

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