Halloween Parade Floats: Make Your Own

posted on 10/8/14

Halloween parade floats can be an exciting venture to do with your friends or family. It is said that people spend second as much compared to Christmas. Do you enjoy watching the Halloween parade floats driving around your neighborhood during the Halloween season? Do you sometime imagine yourself actually on the float when it’s passing you by? Well instead of watching those Halloween parade floats how about this year you make your own. If you’re interested here is how you can get started.

Step 1: Things to Consider

When it comes to the Halloween parade floats you have to first consider your town’s rules and regulations. There are also requirements on entering your float into the parade. Base your Halloween parade float on its structure size and consider the decorations as well as the elements going into building this float.

Step 2: Picking a Theme

When it comes to a theme for your float, there is literally an infinite idea you can come up with. Common parade floats could be based on graveyards, pirate ships, or haunted house even jack-o-lantern. You can pick from Nightmare on Elm Street to The Nightmare Before Christmas. Of course your float can be of a different season such as Christmas or Easter, it’s the idea of to disguise it as something else which is the spirit of Halloween.

Step 3: Getting supplies

Now when it comes to getting supplies there are some places such as any basic party supply store. It is also possible for you to make these large props you may have in mind in your home. When it comes to building these props they should be made to resist things like movement and windy weather. Some basic items most people would accessorize their float with are things like pumpkins, ghosts witches etc. When thinking about hanging things make sure to actually have something whatever it is can hang on to.

Step 4: Effects

The first thing you should think about is what kind of affects you are thinking about. You could have music like sound effects, scary sounds, or even a theme song. You could also add lighting to your Halloween parade float but be cautious on how you construct them. If you really want to really add more effect to the scary Halloween parade float you can add maybe smoke or fog and also construct some moving creatures.

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