Halloween Theme Party: Pumpkin Carving Contest

posted on 10/29/14


This year, a lot of people will be having Halloween parties where guests are invited to dress up in their best costumes. Instead of having a typical costume party, challenge your friends to get a little more creative in a hands-on way by throwing a pumpkin-carving theme party.

The Rules
For starters, make the party be BYOP–bring your own pumpkin. Not only will this keep cost down as the host but it will also allow picky guests to find the perfect pumpkin on their own. As the host, you won’t be participating in the pumpkin carving. It’s unfortunate but you need to be the judge. Prizes should be based on participants and budget. For example, if you have twenty guests participating in your pumpkin-carving contest, it might be nice to offer a first and second prize. If the guest list is a little smaller, you can probably get away with just first prize. The prize can simply be honor if you’re on a budget. But if you’re willing to throw a few bucks at the winner, you could get gift certificates to a local restaurant or pub, or a nice bottle of alcohol. Since this is a Halloween party, you could even get a few gag gifts. Guests will definitely have fun with fart whistles and hand buzzers (especially as the alcohol is flowing late into the night). If you’re generous, you can allow your guests to look at sample carving stencils or pictures on google. If you’re going for pure creativity, however, collect everyone’s cell phone at the door to prevent them from sneaking into the bathroom for a peek at a few of the internet’s finest pumpkin carving. Be sure to set a timer. You can save time by having guests come with their pumpkins officially gutted. When the timer goes off, it’s up to you to decide who has carved the best pumpkin! Be fair!



Just because the party is pumpkin-carving themed doesn’t mean you can’t have a costume theme going as well. Have guests come in their best costumes. Be sure to warn them that they have to carve the pumpkin in whatever costume they show up in. Your friend’s handmade, cardboard Iron Man costume is probably awesome looking but not the best for carving. To cover all your bases, set up a face painting station in case someone shows up without a costume. All you need is a few basic colors along with some sponges.



Food and Drink
Check out our links at the bottom for some awesome food and drink recipes. The Halloween-themed fare is sure to delight guests.

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