How To Get Ready For A Party

posted on 1/21/13

So you’ve been invited to a party. People like you! Follow this guide on how to get ready for a party. With these simple tips, you can make a good impression and go down in history as the girl who knows how to be ready for a party.

Unless the event is a dinner or wedding where a headcount is required, don’t RSVP to the party. Casually mention that you might show up to fellow invitees. This is a little known tip on how to get ready for a party. This way, you don’t have to actually go to the party if you discover it sucks.


Your first step on how to get ready for a party is to find a companion and it would be perfect if that guy has wheels. Don’t bring that guy who drank too much last time. And don’t go with the guy who drinks too much AND has a car.


Pick out something you’re sure no one else will be wearing; matching outfits are embarrassing and may lead to a case of mistaken identity. Stay away from short skirts and tops to avoid a wardrobe malfunction and keep your credibility as someone who stays faithful to puritan values and dress code.


Shoes are a main step on how to get ready for a party. Unless you were born in stilettos, stick to flats. Make sure your shoes go with your outfit, but don’t match the colors exactly. If you MUST wear heels, practice walking for at least a week beforehand while you’re learning how to fall gracefully. Invest in bandages and antibiotics.


If your hair is awful, visit your trusted local stylist a week or two in advance. Your hairdresser can teach you styling tips on how to get ready for a party. You’ll still have time to hit up the wig store if it comes out bad.


Fix your nails girl! You’ll be shaking hands, passing people drinks, and no one wants to be distracted by your sloppy cuticles. Make an appointment with a manicurist who’s well-versed in how to get ready for a party or purchase some polish. Do your nails within two days of the party so they look fresh and you can touch up any chips right before party starts.


Fix that nasty uni-brow! If you go too early, strays will grow in; too late and your brows will be puffy. Timing is the key to perfect brows.


Finding jewelry is important for how to get ready for a party. Instead of blowing cash on a piece, raid your grandma’s jewelry box for the most original jewelry that you can find. If anyone asks, you can honestly say “Oh, this old thing?” You’ll look like a fashionista who knows how to party.


The night before the party, make sure your outfit is wrinkle-free and your accessories haven’t been sucked up by your room or eaten by your pet. Finally, you can get that necessary restful sleep.


Your friends will be begging for your tips on partying. Keep your phone off, so you can get your beauty sleep and devote the next day to finishing this guide on how to prepare for a party.


Wake up and have small meals until it’s time to leave. This will keep you energized all day while you put the finishing touches on how to get ready for a party. Stay away from anything that makes you swell up with an allergic reaction. You’ll have much more fun on a party without a growling stomach, but don’t overdo it, the party should be a “gas” because how much fun it is, not because you ate a ton of tacos.


Make a get-ready playlist. Hip-hop is always good, and any song with the word “party” in the lyrics will get you excited. Music will give you correct mood while you’ll prepare for the party.


Take a shower and sing a song about how to get ready for a party. Apply body lotion immediately after. Dancing in front of a mirror to your playlist is optional.


Do your makeup! Making your face look beautiful is the most important part preparation. Don’t go heavy on both your eyes and lips; people are afraid of clowns.


Pick a perfect hairstyle that shows you know how to get ready for a party. Don’t overdo the hairspray or you’ll look like a 50s housewife unless that is the look you are going for.


Put on your outfit and perfume. Clasp your jewelry and assess your look. At this point, you know how to get ready for a party and will look like a superstar


Pack your purse with emergency items. Gum, lip gloss, your cellphone and cash are necessary for a great party.


Get to the party in style. Everyone will want to know your secrets on how to get ready for a party, but it’s okay to be mysterious and make those busybodies learn it by themselves.

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