How to Tie a Tie: Four-In-Hand

posted on 3/20/13

Last weekend, I went out on a blind date with a friend of a friend. He took me to a dimly-lit West Village bar that played jazz music and served some of the finest martinis on the island of Manhattan. Overall, the date was fun: no awkward pauses in conversation, great cocktails, and we even went dutch on the tab. He brought me to a bar with a dress code but was so wildly underdressed himself. Did I personally care that he wasn’t wearing a suit and tie? Of course not—I prefer top hats and ascots anyways. But we received several questionable looks from patrons while enjoying our cocktails.

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In a society such as our own, a big date or an even bigger interview can be ruined quickly by wearing the wrong attire. Since you and I are friends, I don’t want you to find yourself in a situation in which you lose that big promotion because you don’t know how to tie a necktie. So if you haven’t learned the trick yet, fear not! This quick guide will help you pick up or brush up on your necktie skills. Let’s begin with the Four-In-Hand Knot. This knot is simple, elegant, and can be worn with any collared shirt. President Obama often wears this knot.

Before we can begin, you must procure a necktie. Be mindful of patterns while you’re shopping. You can avoid mismatching by sticking with solid colors. Consider purchasing a bowtie as well—they are sexy accessories that should not be scoffed at. Remember, it is your right to accessorize.

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Step one: Drape the tie around your neck. The wide side should be on your right and should be roughly twelve inches longer than the narrow part.
Step two: Time to tie the tie. Cross the wide end over the narrow end and wrap it once around the narrow end.
Step three: Pull the wide end up through the neck hole.
Step four: Bring the wide end of the tie up and back down through the loop.
Step five: Tighten the knot by holding the narrow end and sliding the knot up.
Step six: Marvel at yourself in the mirror because you are all done and you look fantastic.

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