Animal Party: Know Your Parties

posted on 4/10/13

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and the 10th is “ASPCA Day” (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), To show our appreciation for Mankind’s best friends, we’re here to help you plan the perfect Animal Party! No matter if you’re throwing a Beast Banquet or just Critter Cocktails, We’ve got the inspiration to get the fur flying!

Party Favors

DIY DIY DIY!!! Paper, balloons, scissors and glue. A perfect Animal Party shouldn’t be a stress-fest, turn your party hats into pigs and your balloons into birds, let your imagination run wild!




In keeping with the theme there’s two ways to go, a well stocked Animal Party usually goes one or two ways; Human Food that Looks like Animal Food, or food that literally looks like animals.







Not really a concern for a children’s party (unless Mom and Dad need a break!) but Critter Cocktails are always appreciated in an Animal Party for the Older Set.

Barking Spider

1 1/2 oz Tarantula Azul Tequila
1 1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
3/4 oz Bacardi® 151 rum
1 dash triple sec
1 dash sweet and sour mix
1 splash orange juice
Serve over ice in a collins glass, or blend for a frozen version of this drink.

Trojan Horse

½ pint Guinness® stout
½ pint Coca-Cola®
Mix coke and Guinness in a pint glass.

Rooster Tail

1 shot Jose Cuervo® Especial gold tequila
1 shot orange juice
1 shot tomato juice
1 dash salt
Lick hand, add salt, and lick salt. Consume quickly as shots, in order; Jose Cuervo, orange juice, and tomato juice.
(drinks from Meaghan Cameron from


To help foster the socializing in your Animal Party, games are always great ways to break the ice and get people talking to each other.


1. Bloodhounds

In this game the players pretend to be bloodhounds identifying items by their smell.

Preparation: Find ten quite small but strongly smelling objects such as sprig of lavender or a pieces of camembert cheese and put each into a bag with small holes to release the smell. Tie the bags and place them at intervals around the edge of a table numbering 1 -10.
How to play: Give each player a prepared sheet of paper and a pencil. The players walk around the table attempting to identify each bag by it’s smell and writing on their sheets. They are not allowed to touch the bags. Once everyone has smelled and made their guesses, open the bags and display the contents and decide the winner with most correct guesses.


2. The Postman’s Dog

Each player has to describe and name the postman’s dog, the first with words beginning with A, the second B and so on. If a player cannot do it within say, five seconds then he or she drops out. For example, the first player could say the postman’s dog is an angry dog and its name is Arthur. The second player has B and might say the postman’s dog is a brown dog and its name is Bruno and so on.
(games from Family Party Games by Peter Arnold, published by Hamlyn)



This is the easy part! there’s so much animal media out there, your Animal Party will never be in short supply for choices, no matter if the event is a child’s birthday or something more mature, the sheer volume of Film and Music about animals is simply staggering, just take a look at these lists!




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    I have anosmia (no sense of smell) so I would not be able to play your “Bloodhound Game”. Thanks for ruining my day.

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