Celeb Party: Know Your Parties

posted on 4/23/13

hollywood red carpet
Cinema: arguably America’s most significant cultural contribution to the world. Celebs are known all around the globe by young and old alike, and big-name blockbusters attract a lot of popular attention. So if you’re looking to throw a party that’ll be fun for all ages, why not bask in the reflected glow of the silver screen with a Celeb Party? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

The Invitations

Sending out fun and creative themed party invitations is a great way to start your shindig off on the right foot. Since this Celeb Party is an A-List event, try to give those invites some star quality! Design them to look like they’re meant for an extremely select and prestigious group of celebrities, and have fun with the little details. Here’s our example:
hollywood party

The “Red Carpet”

Chances are, if you’re planning on instituting a dress code, people will want to show off their fabulous style. To make the event feel like a real Red Carpet affair, set up a place for people to pose for glamour shots. If you’re really feeling audacious you can even hire a professional photographer to add to the mood, but since most people have cameras in their phones, there’s no need. However, you might want to consider having a few fun costume accessories on hand for people to play around with, just in case they arrive and feel under-dressed. May we suggest:

Black Wayfarers
Feather Boas
Lolita Sunglasses
Jackie Sunglasses
Wool Berets
Opera Gloves
Cigarette Holder
Fake Pearls
Black Tie
Black Bow Tie
Gold Rapper Chain
Elvis Glasses

The Food

Since this is an all-ages party, you’ll want to have a variety of snacks that suit both children and adults. This may sound tricky—after all, the adults won’t want to be restricted to only eating foods that will only please kids. Well, we have a solution for you that’s easy and fun, and that works with the Celeb Party theme.

For the kids, set up a table that looks like a concession stand! You can lay out all of their favorite candies (available in most local supermarkets for MUCH less than what they’d run you in a movie theater) and can even buy a few packages of plain white paper bags for popcorn. You can probably slip in a few healthy snacks while you’re at it without ruining the overall effect (It’s a Celeb Party, you know the stars like to diet!).
kid concession stand wp

For the adults, go classy! Keep in mind that this is supposed to be an A-list, red carpet Celeb Party event. Small, elegant hors d’oeuvres such as spinach & artichoke dip, bruschetta or shrimp cocktail will do nicely. Then, to give the table a little extra cinema flavor, pick up a few Erasable Clapperboards and set them out with the names of the various dishes written in elegant cursive. It’s an easy extra touch for your Celeb Party that’ll go a long way!
adult hors d'oeuvres wp

The V.I.P. Lounge

This is an all-ages affair, but adults may still want to have a little area all to themselves. So, why not set up a V.I.P. lounge, where only adults are allowed to enter? Pick a room of your house and block off the door with a little strip of red crepe paper (the ‘velvet rope’) and a sign reading “V.I.P. Lounge” where adults can mingle without the hectic throng of children around their feet. This would also be a great place to set up a bar.
VIP lounge


Adults usually don’t need party games to keep them entertained, but children definitely do. Here are a few easy activities you could set up to keep the kids busy.

Screening Room
kids watching movie

This one’s almost painfully simple—set up a room in our house, preferably one a short distance away from the main party area, as a “screening room” for some of the kids’ favorite movies. This is a great way to stick with the theme and keep kids entertained for as long as necessary. You can even tell the kids to make believe that they’re film critics, and to give their reviews of any movie that they watch. Make sure an adult pokes a head in now and again to switch movies and make sure everyone’s doing okay!

Celebrity Trivia
celebrity trivia

Pretty straight-forward—just look up a list of interesting celebrity facts and write one each on an index card, then see how many people can answer! This one works great for adults too—just make sure you tailor the questions to the appropriate age group!

Pin the Tiara on the “It” Girl
tiara cutout

This is a fun Tinsel Town twist on a kids’ party classic: print out a picture of a popular female teen celebrity—anyone will do—and tape it to a bulletin board. Then print and cut out a picture of a tiara, stick a pushpin through it, and proceed to play the game like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Make sure an adult is supervising! The winner can get his or her choice of a Tiara or Crown.


A truly memorable Celeb Party ensures that its guest leave with a little token of their host’s appreciation, something by which they can remember their magical evening. And what better way to appreciate a Celebrity than with a miniature Oscar of their own? On a table by the door, set up a table full of small plastic Movie Award statues, each with the name of a guest and a fun, unique award that they’ve “won.” Get creative with these—it can be anything from “best dressed” to “most consecutive chase scenes”. People will love it!
party awards

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