LGBT Pride Event Tips

posted on 6/6/13

Springing from the early pickets known as the Annual Reminders where LGBT civil rights activists protested the denial of their rights at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to the Christopher Street Liberation Day celebrated on June 28 in honor of the Stonewall Riots in New York, June has since been declared LGBT Pride Month by the President of the United States on five separate occasions, and although the exact timing and focus is varied by each nation’s locale and individual history, the concept of a time of celebration and remembrance for activists for LGBT civil rights has undeniably become a storied tradition in our modern culture, Here’s some LGBT Pride Event Tips

Gilbert Baker (Image Source:

Gilbert Baker (Image Source)

Know The Rainbow Flag

The most well known symbol of supporting the civil rights accomplishments of LGBT community, The Rainbow Flag is credited to Gilbert Baker, a San Francisco based artist, a friend of Harvey Milk, and former US serviceman according to common lore designed and created the first Rainbow flag in 1978 to be used in LGBT marches, the flag is meant to symbol several things, chiefly the diversity within the LGBT community, and the colors themselves are symbolic for specific concepts: Pink for sexuality, Red for life, Orange for healing, Yellow for sunlight, Green for nature, Turquoise for magic/art, Blue for serenity/harmony and Violet for spirit.

Attend The Pride Parade

The most well known of the LGBT Pride events is the colorful and enthusiastic parade. Depending on the political climate of the parade’s setting, the Pride parades can still maintain a political activist mentality (especially in locales where the event is not well received) Other factors including local politics and economics play a large part in the attitude of the event. In larger urban and areas well-tread by LGBT events, the parade is of a much more festive nature with costumes, props and decorated floats, while, as mentioned before, in areas where the event is contested, to this day the parade has more the attitude of it’s original intent as a civil rights march, the most important LGBT Pride Event tip is knowing what the flavor and intent of the event you are attending shall be.

Celebrating LGBT Pride

Important LGBT Pride Event Tip: Each community within the wider LGBT spectrum has it’s own traditions and legacy of celebration and displays of self-affirmation, including assorted events, parades and gatherings. It is important to understand in order to celebrate the courage of the LGBT community as participant in the festivities and as an ally, the best way to do this is to get out there and show your support, to help you get started, here are some resources for finding local events in your area:

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