Mardi Gras Mask Designs

posted on 2/11/13

Want a Cool Mask for your Mardi Gras celebration? Don’t want to pay an arm and a leg?

No Problem! with our Blank Face Mask and some acrylic paint, glitter, clear glue, a paintbrush and a hair dryer (and paper towels to clean up after) you’ll be the Phattest on Fat Tuesday!

1. Assemble your tools.


2. Paint your base coat on the mask.


3. To speed dry the paint, use a hair dryer (Be Careful! Only use hair dryer to dry acrylic paint)


4. Apply second layer of color, use your imagination!


5. After the second layer has dried, apply the clear glue to wherever you want to apply your glitter.


6. Dump the glitter on the mask while the clear glue is still wet.


7. VoilĂ !


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