Mardi Gras : Perfect Projects for DIY Parties

posted on 2/11/13


These Mardi Gras DIY’s are the perfect addition to any Mardi Gras classroom lesson, kid’s party project, or as place setters and fabulous center pieces for your Mardi Gras celebration. Follow along with us in your vintage sunglasses on how to make your own Mardi Gras floats and party masks.

Here is a list of what you will need:

Mardi Gras Float:

Shoe box
Construction paper in green, yellow/gold, and purple
12 mm Mardi Gras beads
Confetti – purchased at the local craft store
Hot Glue
School Glue
Ruler and Pencil

Mardi Gras Mask

Plain Mask: any of the plain ones here will do
School Glue
Glitter and Confetti – purchased at the local craft store
12 mm Mardi Gras beads
Hot Glue

Mardi Gras Float:

Step 1: Take a shoe box, doesn’t really matter the size or shape. Remove the top of the box and fix it to the upside down base of the shoe box. You will probably need some hot glue for this, so if you are doing this for a children’s Mardi Gras party, it would be best to do this step before the kids get there.


Step 2: Take the construction paper and cover the base and the back. You can be as creative as you like. I decided to add a little fringe to mine with a green and gold pattern.


Step 3: Once your box is all covered up, you can go ahead and start decorating with our green, gold and purple 12mm Mardi Gras beads. Again, you will probably need hot glue but super glue would probably work just as well.


Step 4: After adding the purple 12mm Mardi Gras beads, I went ahead and finished the float off with a few pieces of Mardi Gras confetti.


Mardi Gras Party Mask:

Step 1: For my mask I decided to accent the corners with a few of the 12mm Mardi Gras beads in green, gold, and purple.

Step 2: Take your glue, any kind of liquid school or archival glue will do, and slather it on in the desired shape or design you want your glitter to cover. I decided to do a half purple and half gold motif. When applying the glitter it is important to move quickly because once the glue starts to dry the glitter will no longer stick to the mask.


TIP: Some of the glitter will inevitably build up on your fingers. Tap your glitter encrusted finger tips against sticky bald spots in your design to fill them up and the glitter won’t go to waste.

Step 3: Smooth a small amount of glue onto the glittery surface of your mask. Start pressing on confetti accents. Again, creativity is really key for both of these projects. You can do as little or as much as you like!


Step 4: I did not include this in my mask, but for a little extra razzle in your dazzle use one of our feather boas in many colors to add a dash of color and sophistication to your mask.


Annnnnnd, voila! Your very own Mardi Gras floats and party masks!


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