Milestones: 50th Birthday

posted on 6/20/13

A 50th birthday is one of the most important birthdays a person has in their life, it’s a milestone and accomplishment, and the person being honored deserves the best than their friends and loved ones can muster. Marking the beginning of the latter years of a person’s life. Being such a milestone, it is important to not pull out the “over the hill” style of black humor for a person’s 50th Birthday (unless of course, that’s what they ask for) also it is important to make this day not just a celebration of their birthday, but quite literally their life, for you are honoring a half a century of memories, victories, struggles and everything in-between.



It is important to not just grab whatever songs were popular when the person was young (they may have hated them!) or decorate with things from the bygone age of their youth (again, don’t make assumptions!) to honor this milestone and give them a true feeling of accomplishment and celebration you have to get to know them, what do they like as a individual? (and maybe more importantly what don’t they like!)

To Surprise or Not to Surprise
The 50th Birthday having the weight of what it is, it is often a popular time for surprise birthday parties. This is a sneaky and calculated proposition that will require planning with those most close to the person in question, their close friends, significant other, or everyday contacts are crucial in the correct delivery of a Surprise Birthday, especially in directing the person to the location of the event.

This is very important for the 50th birthday, it is a vital memory the person will cherish. If they are the type to be wowed by spectacle, an event hall or venue would be your best opinion, however if they are the more subdued type, they may feel more touched by a more personal location, either the home of a friend, or a favorite restaurant.

Again, it is very important to know the person to give them a proper 50th Birthday, some may be delighted by the traditional set up; balloons, confetti, the works. According to an article on throwing 50th Birthdays by Shelley Emling, she says Maya Kalman, professional event organizer when preparing a 50th Birthday hung up “50 years of photos of her and her family, friends, favorite places she had visited and art she had made” this personal touch will really make a person feel surrounded by their admirers and accomplishments.

Delight them with themselves! Play only their favorite styles of music, or simply bring their own music and movies and play only their favorite songs and films.

Get creative! find out what they like and give it to them in spades, but this is a time for funny and crazy things as well, have something they’ve never tried before!

This is a tough one! For such a day as a 50th Birthday, it’s important to remember while large extravagant gifts are always a hoot, it is as important to give them something that symbolizes your relationship to the person, which can mean alot more than something snazzy on day as important as a 50th birthday.

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