Mime Face Paint: The Silent Halloween Costume

posted on 7/12/13


If you’re in need of a seriously inexpensive Halloween costume this year, there are plenty of options out there that are creative but won’t empty your wallet. Face paint is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween without breaking the bank.

I’m not the most artistic person on earth. I try but often fail. Sure, I can apply some simple animal face paint, but what happens when you’re looking to be a little more creative with your costume but limited by a lack of artistic ability? Enter: mime face paint.

Sure, the costume is painfully simple: black and white face paint, striped shirt. But think about it–mimes are some of the most creative artists out there. You have to be seriously inventive to express thoughts and feelings in an artistic fashion without using your voice or some paint and a canvas.

Mime face paint for halloween is crazy easy. First, you’re going to need to hit your closet or local thrift store to find the infamous mime striped shirt. If you can find a black and white version, awesome. Otherwise, don’t stress over color. When you’re dressed for the part, it’s time to apply the mime face paint. Start by washing your face and pulling back any hair that might be in the way. Outline your face with a line of white paint. You want to leave about an inch away from your hairline. Next, fill in your entire face with white paint. Be consistent. Your entire face should be covered and not blotchy. Be sure to cover your lips and your eyelids.

The white edge might look a little blurry. That’s easy to fix. Just grab a wet q-tip and clean up the border around your face. Using a fine brush or another q-tip, make some eyebrows above your actual eyebrows. Now you’ll need the black face paint. Fill in the eyebrows and lips with a small brush. They should be thin. The last step is to fix up the eyes. Draw black lines along the top and bottom lids. The lines on your eyelids can be tricky, so if you can call on a friend to give you a hand with your mime face paint, now’s the time to do so.

You can finish off your beautiful mime face paint job with some inexpensive accessories. All you need is a black bowler hat or beret, a fresh pair of suspenders, and some brand spankin’ new white gloves. Voila.

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