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posted on 6/10/13

With the upcoming release of “Monsters University”, the much-anticipated sequel to the Pixar classic “Monsters, Inc.”, it’s safe to say that monsters are poised to make a comeback. With that in mind, we’ve put together some great ideas for throwing a spooky monster party of your own.

The Food
monster cupcakes

Cupcakes are really in vogue these days, and the internet is full of wonderful monster cupcake ideas for you to try at your monster party. I found an endless array of different varieties, but they all seem to follow a pretty standard formula. So, instead of giving you step-by-step instructions on how to craft any one particular variety of monster cupcake for your monster party, how about I just run through the basics that you’ll need to know in order to invent your own spectacular creature?

You Will Need:

1. A cupcake recipe.
unfrosted cupcakes

A good cupcake recipe is not hard to come by. There are about a million decent ones that turn up in a Google search, or you can just go to any supermarket and pick up a package of pre-made cupcake mix. And of course, you can always use your own recipe!

2. A frosting bag, food coloring and a few different applicator tips.
frosting applicators

Looking at these pictures, you can probably tell that the key to making a convincing (and delicious) monster cupcake is the texture of the fur, or scales, or spikes, or whatever. Get creative, and try experimenting! After all, there’s really no wrong way to make a monster, right?

3. Round or ring-shaped candies (for eyes).
round candies

You don’t need a PhD in Monsterology to know that monsters can have all kinds of eyes. A daub of white frosting with a chocolate chip or M&M will work to make a somewhat traditional-looking eye, but you could use Peach Rings or something similar for a slightly more monstrous look.

4. Twizzlers or other rope candies (for arms / tentacles).

Obviously, your monster cupcakes are going to need some monstrous appendages. Try peeling back the individual strands of a Twizzler to make an arm with a creepy collection of fingers!
And there you have it! If you come up with any truly inspired creations, send us a picture to and we’ll include it in our collection!


Check out these awesome monster costume accessories to really kick up the fright factor!

Monster Claw Gloves
Monster Ears
Monster Teeth
Monster Hat
Monster Nose
Monster Wings

The Decorations
monster maker

Here’s a fun decoration idea for your monster party that can also double as a party activity! Just print out a few copies of this charming Monster Maker template, cut the pieces out, and have fun putting them together in a whole host of fun combinations!

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  1. Teguh

    it is just the way the recipe was wrtetin. There are basic ingredients which are necessary like eggs, flour, etc. but recipe authors add different flavors .like coffee mint almond etc. Coffee sometimes intesifies the flavor or chocolate or so I have read.

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