Mascots: Nightmare Fuel

posted on 4/22/13


Baseball Mascots: They get the crowd pumped for the game, they rally the home crowd for a come-back and dance a jig when victory is obtained, but sometimes, what they are, (whatever they are), is sometimes so distracting and upsetting that it’s positively disturbing on an emotional level.

Mascots are characters that is thought to bring good luck, be it an animal, person, or strange being. The term itself comes from French origins “mascotte” which means a charm. In the sports realm, the mascot is a Symbol of the team’s swagger and confidence in addition to being the team’s ambassador to the crowd and the world, the mascot is also used for advertising, merchandising and general promotional ventures for the team.

The first mascot is relatively unknown and debatable; the common theory the concept goes back to medieval even prehistoric times, as mascots are essentially being the modern version of a people or tribe’s animal spirit or totem, rallying fighters to battle. According to, the Chicken of the San Diego Padres was first recognizable modern sports mascot, who began his antics in 1970s.

Despite their shadowy origins, mascots remains the teams’ most dedicated fans. They are the leader of the cheerleaders, and a striking visual force that brings a team together. Throughout the history of sports, the mascots, with their stitched grin and wide bugging eyes makes remember it’s the fun is why we come together, the competition is a joke to the mascots as they spins and dances and overly exaggerate their emotional reaction to plays, it also reminds us what we’re supposed to be feeling when we watch and why. What makes a great mascot is many things, exuberance, creativity, emotional connection with the crowd, and of course, spunk. Without the plucky spunk of the mascots, the wide gestures and theatrical flourishes, you’re just some dude in a fursuit hanging out at the ballpark getting stinky. There have been highs and lows in the field of the mascot (below we’ll go through some of lows) but one thing is for certain, the mascot is there not for himself, or even the team, he’s there for you. For you to watch, get excited, get upset and generally channel your emotions through the mascot’s bizarre activity and presence, so even as we sometimes loathe you, hats off to the mascots, they’ve got the hardest job on the field!

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Mr Red (Cincinnati)
mr red

Those tiny eyes make me feel sick!

Oriole Bird (Baltimore)

I wouldn’t pose with a bird that don’t have lips

Phillies Phanatic (Philadelphia)

This mascot isn’t even anything real

Pirate Parrot (Pittsburgh)

Screaming birds always get my blood rushing for my home team!

Rangers Captain (Texas)

Horse face here just makes me sick

Fredbird (St. Louis).

Again a screaming bird rallies the home team for the win!

T. C. the Bear (Minnesota)

This character is simply foul

Wally the Green Monster (Boston)

This guy here isn’t a creature but simply a bubbly jerk

Crazy Crab (San Francisco)

This looks like something straight from Satan’s mind

Yankees Dandy (NY)

This dandy looks so nasty, I can smell him through my screen

Buffalo Bell (Orix Buffaloes)

What is this?

Copperhead (Southern Ohio)

Simply Terrifying

The San Diego Chicken (San Diego)

Don’t get up, I’m already nervous buddy

Belle, The Ballpark Diva (Buffalo)

This ain’t your living room Belle, you can’t be “The Ballpark Diva” looking this basic

Splash (Myrtle Beach)

I don’t like anyone, especially pelicans, grinning in my face

Sluggerrr (Kansas City)

This jerk right here looking like Bart Simpson

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