NYC Halloween Costume Parties

posted on 8/27/13

So you’re going to be in New York City for Halloween this year and you want to show off your totally awesome Halloween costume. You’re in the right place. Each October, New York becomes the place to be for Halloween celebrations. There’s something for everyone, so let’s get started.

Firefly Run

NYC Halloween Costume Parties

Firefly Run

Head over to the Firefly Run in Prospect Park if you’re looking to show off your impressive Halloween costume and lung capacity. The Firefly run is the “coolest, most eye dazzling, and illuminating 5K night race.” Runners and walkers of all speed and experience dress up in extravagant Halloween costumes. The post-race party includes live entertainment and refreshments. For entering the race, you’ll receive a t-shirt, glow-in-the-dark participant wrist band, a race bib, and two LED light bands. Seriously, though. You’re going to need more LED stuff than that, so be sure to stock up on LED hair extensions, shoelaces, and glasses. Check out more at Firefly Run.

Gowanus Gatsby

NYC Halloween Parties

Gowanus Gatsby Party

Gatsby lovers get your flapper dresses and pocket squares ready. The Friends of Douglass Green Park present Gowanus Gatsby, a night of 20s themed fun and fundraising. Held at the Gowanus Ballroom, Gowanus Gatsby will feature a fundraisig dinner with live music, dancing, and some of the best flapper-themed costumes you’ll ever see. The event benefits the Friends of Douglass Greene Park, a group dedicated to revitalizing Thomas Greene Park. Check out our guide on how to get the best flapper look for your money. You can buy tax-deductible tickets here.

Halloween Cruise

NYC Halloween Costume Parties

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Water lovers, here’s a great excuse to combine two of your favorite things in one fell swoop: halloween costumes that totally kickass and the crisp, open-air of the hudson. Cruise around on one of the most fun party boats in style with the Halloween Cruise at Skyport Marina. Instead of waiting in line for watered-down drinks at an overcrowded bar, hop on this party boat and cruise New York City’s finest rivers.

Village Halloween Parade

NYC Halloween Costume Parties

If you haven’t been to the Village Halloween Parade you have to go. The parade features some of the biggest and best Halloween costumes ever. The parade features hundreds of giant puppets, over fifty bands playing music from around the world, dancers, artists with “explosive imaginations” and thousands of New Yorkers with their best Halloween costumes. The best part: if you wear a Halloween costume, you’re allowed to march in the parade. Check out the Village Halloween Parade website for more details.

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