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posted on 1/29/13

A Simple Guide To Eliminating A Mistake At Your Next Event and Party Planning Checklist

Let’s face it, planning an event can be extremely stressful and a pain in the butt, if you’re not prepared. With all the running around, life’s day-to-day activities, and work, there are a few things that many event planners tend to forget. The following list is designed to inform future event planners of the top ten mistakes an event planner can make when planning their next gathering.

1. Define Your Budget For The Event And Stick To It:


There is nothing worse then taking a look at your bank statement online and noticing there are no funds to cover this weeks lunch. Plan accordingly. Make sure the ‘important’ bills are paid right away, so you can save for this event. Have a realistic idea of how much you plan on spending. Allow room for errors that are out of your control. Sometimes it is not your fault that a certain item was out of stock at the cheaper rate and you need to purchase the fancy version. Save those coupons leading up to the event. Use them before their expiration date and find the best deals on all items. Don’t spend money that you simply do not need to spend.

2. Choose A Theme For Your Event:


Themes may seem like the perfect idea for a little kids party, but they really work for any type of party. It’s okay to have fun. It’s a party! Get creative. Take it to the extreme. Have every aspect to the party be involved around that theme. Name the drinks and appetizers after the theme! There really is no limit to this. Don’t forget, no matter what the party, there is always a theme to go with it.

3. Entertainment:


This may seem simple, but can easily be put to the back burner when planning your event. Entertainment is key. Choose entertainment that is involved around the theme. For a child’s birthday party it could be as simple as a movie or as big as a bounce house. An adult party could be as simple as a sash for the bride or as big as a reservation at a strip club VIP table. You must always remember that the food will be eaten. Food is only entertaining for a short period of time. Be unique.

4. Organize A Guest List:


Know your budget. Know how many possible RSVP’s you are able to accommodate and plan for that. Depending on the event you may need to make a decision on how close you really are to someone and if it is important that they attend your event. Be sure to give your guests plenty of time to attend your event. Send out your themed invitations in plenty of time for your guests to respond. Be sure to ask for an RSVP so you can plan accordingly.

5. Define Your Food Menu Staying Within Your Budget:


It may seem like a great idea to offer a dinner plate with one of the rarest fish on the market, but can you afford it? Don’t go crazy with your food menu unless you are planning a dinner party. Sometimes simpler is better. Be sure when ordering or purchasing your food you have adequate space to hold perishable items. If it seems like your food will not fit, ask a friend to take on a bulk of the items.

6. Decorate Based On The Theme:


Many party supply companies offer a wide variety of items to enhance your next event. Take some time and make an effort when designing the layout of the venue. Use your imagination and get creative with every table, chair, or wall. There is an expectation that your guests will have when attending your event. Have them leaving talking about this event.

7. Delegate Responsibilities:


It’s okay to ask for help. Sometimes the work overload may be too much for one person to handle. Make your job easier by delegating some of your responsibilities to a significant other, relative, or friend. Be sure it is someone you can trust. Follow up with them regularly to guarantee the task is being completed.

8. Get As Much Done As Quickly As You Can:


Be prepared. Know what you want and need. There is nothing worse than running around last minute because you were not organized. Have a plan of attack and make it happen as quickly as you can. Purchase small items that are not perishable in advance and put them in an organized storage bin so you can easily find them later. This may help with budgeting knowing you can purchase no perishables first, then the food around the day of the event.

9. Enjoy What You Are Planning:


This may seem simple. If you have no interest in the event you are planning, you probably will not put the effort in that is needed to accomplish the event. Most Likely, If you don’t like it, they won’t like it. There surely must be someone else you know that could plan the event you want to host, and enjoy planning it for you.

10. Double Check To Make Sure Everything Has Been Accomplished:


Account for everything. Could you imagine running out of burgers or hotdogs at your event. You will become the laughing stock of the neighborhood. Every last detail needs to be checked thoroughly, in order to guarantee a successful event. To be sure of this, confirm all aspects of numbers 1 – 10 of this list.

Event Planning Check List:

At least one and a half months from event:

__ Define What Your Event & Theme Is

__ Organize Your Guest List

__ Define Your Venue

__ Define Your Menu Wish List

__ Define The Date & Time

__ Start Negotiating Any Rental Agreements Needed For Party

__ Organize Your Budget

5 Weeks From Event:

__ Send Out Invitations

__ Start Purchasing Themed Items For Event

__ Organize/Negotiate The Entertainment For The Party

2 Weeks From Event:

__ Continue To Purchase Nonperishable Foods For Event

__ Follow Up With Guests By Phone To Confirm Their Attendance

__ Plan An Organized Timetable Of When You Will Be Cooking/Cleaning/Decorating

Days Leading Up To Event:

__ Purchase Some Perishable Food

__ Cook Some Food And Freeze It

__ Decorate Venue In Advance If The Option Allows

__ Ask For Assistance On The Day Of Event/Before Event If Needed

Day Of Event:

__ Get Up Early And Start Setting Up/Triple Checking The Event Supplies

__ Organize Helpers/Staff To Accomplish Tasks

__ Get Any Last Minute Items Needed For The Event

__ Sit Back, Relax, And Enjoy!

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  3. Heather

    Thanks for this helpful checklist! Preparing for a party on your own is pretty stressful, but you can take some of the pain away if you just keep these prerequisites in mind.

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