Pool Party: Food, Music and Games

posted on 7/15/13

We’re getting into the dog days of summer, while before staying in the shade was a delight but now it’s getting to be a downright necessity to keep cool to stop oneself from passing out. These languid days of suffering in the humidity are the times when we must come together and throw the social event that gives everyone the chance to beat the heat, it’s time for a splish splash, wet and wild Pool Party!

Note: To get right down to it, you’re going to need a pool, it doesn’t matter what kind or who’s house: above-ground, in the ground, out-door, in-door, Olympic sized or kiddy pool, but without the wetworks, we might as well go to mall and hang out in the AC because the point is to COOL DOWN.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Food & Beverages

The drinks depend on the tastes and ages of your guests, but the old standards include juice and soda, beer and cocktails. This isn’t the most formal event, so quick fixes are enough and even expected (a pitcher of Kool-Aid, six pack of coke and a six pack of beer is not inappropriate. Food is very similar in this regard, ordering for pizza is not a bad move with the pool party, but there are many options that include cooking it yourself including grilling burgers and hot dogs, the old standby. Esstionally eating with your hands is big in the pool party be it pizza, burgers, fruit, chips and etc. Everyone’s miserable and hot and trying to relax, they’re not here to impress each other with table manners and how well they use a fork and knife, there’s a time and a place for everything and the pool party is place to cut loose.



Again, like the food, nobody’s trying to be impressive here; oldies, goodies and top 40 is the way you want to go, a nice mix of old and new, a little something for everyone. Pool Party mixes are one of the most notoriously easy-going playlists, there’s no need to “rock the boat” on this one, keep it varied, fresh and fun.

Source: Partycanadainc

Source: Partycanadainc


For those unfamiliar, we’ll run down the two classic must-know pool party games:

Marco Polo:

The original. Requires a small group. One person must close their eyes and yells “Marco” and reache out to find the other players. The other players avoid the “blind” player, but they must respond by saying “Polo” to the blind player’s cry of “Marco”.

Sharks & Minnows (Gator)

Also requires a small group. One player is the shark or gator and stays in the deep end of the pool alone while the other players are at the shallow end standing on the groud. An appointed leader will yell “gator” and with this, all the players must jump into the water and have 30 seconds to swim to the deep end and get out of the water while avoiding the “gator”. If you are tagged, you become a gator yourself helping tag the remaining untagged.

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