Private Island’s Top Five Revised ‘LIFE’ Covers

posted on 2/4/13

Nobody would argue that LIFE magazine is a well-respected journalistic institution, and that throughout its decades of publication, it’s had some very memorable, often iconic covers. But here at Private Island, we’re always trying to look to the future. So when we saw a recent collection of five of their most influential past covers, we thought we’d go ahead and give them a little hand catching up with the 21st century. So we rolled up our sleeves, uncaged the ravenous Photoshop elves, and set to work. We now proudly present to you the fruits of our arduous labor: Private Island’s Top Five Revised LIFE Covers.

5. Winston Churchill

winston churchill wp

Everyone thinks they need to take Winston Churchill seriously just because he’s a “national treasure.” Yeah, well I saw National Treasure in theatres and it was awful. Besides, he looks like he was born to wear that Propeller Hat and those Groucho Glasses.

4. Cowboy

cowboy wp
We’re pretty sure this whole “anti-smoking” thing is just a fad. Admit it, this guy’s pretty much the sheriff of Cool-town with seven cigarettes. Plus, those stylish tortoise-shell wayfarers aren’t hurting anything.

3. Future Man

future man wp
Maybe this guy was freaky enough for 1954, but it’s 2013, baby! Time to get weird! Look at him, rockin’ those zebra ears and star earrings like a boss, makingyou look out of place in your Polo shirt and Chinos.

2. Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe wp
Someone call 1952 and tell ’em that ladies ain’t ladies no more. Luckily we got your back with the top hatmustachecigar and bow tie. The tattoos… those you’ll have to get yourself.

1. Astronaut

astronaut wp
Most people know the story of the moon landing. Less common is the ultra-classified knowledge that astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actually discovered and captured MC Hammer while on a moon walk, returning him to a top-secret military facility before he escaped and started the widespread cultural disaster commonly referred to as the 1980’s. Sure, it might sound far-fetched, but how else do you explain shutter shades?

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