Rogue Ex-Leprechaun Believed Dead

posted on 3/12/13

He fancied himself a modern day Robin Hood meets Jack the Ripper, stealing from the rich and then flaying them without mercy. While the mentally disturbed Finneus Potfiller proved himself to be ruthlessly violent during his deadly rampage, he couldn’t outrun Irish Faerie authorities forever. The angry ex-Leprechaun, who boasted that Irish Faerie law enforcement would never be able to catch up with him, appears to have been killed in a bloody battle after he ran out of spiderwebs on which to air travel and had to make a last stand at the end of a mountain rainbow 100 miles west of Dublin.


Irish Faerie authorities locate Potfiller’s hideout

The rainbow went up in flames after Irish Faerie authorities launched pyrotechnic tear-gas canisters into it. Leprechauns on the scene were reasonably convinced that the charred body found afterward was Potfiller’s. They are waiting for forensic tests to confirm that; however,Leprechaun Sheriff Sheamus Whiskeybreath said that County Dublin Faerie authorities consider the ordeal to be over. “Leprechaun deputies were not trying to burn down the rainbow with Potfiller inside but only wanted to flush him out,” Whiskeybreath said with a wink.

The faerie hunt, one of the largest in recent history, began last week after Potfiller was linked to the murders of a high-ranking Leprechaun’s daughter and her fiance.

The grisly crime scene covered in Leprechaun blood

The grisly crime scene covered in Leprechaun blood

Soon after the couple was found chopped to pieces near their County Dublin rainbow, authorities linked their slaughter to a manifesto they say Potfiller posted on a box of Lucky Charms vowing to get revenge on all the wealthy Leprechaun officials and their families for terminating his position as a Wish Granter. Potfiller was dismissed for making a false report accusing his supervising Leprechaun of urinating in the mouth of a drunken human.

“I will bring magical and tactical warfare to those in Leprechaun uniform whether on or off duty,” Potfiller had threatened. “You will now live the life of the wishful.”

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