Lottery Prank gone Wrong, A-Rod to Japan? Chris Brown and Russia

posted on 8/8/13




Riches to Rags: Lottery Prank gone Wrong

Lottery Tip 1: Before you quit your job, verify your winnings first!

Before you quit your job, verify first!

(Weird and Wild News) A man from Alabama just got royally punked! Finding what he believed was a winning scratch off ticket in his laundry bag, George Patrick immediately quit his job, told off his employers, and purchased a yacht on ebay all within 30 minutes of finding the ticket on the morning of Tuesday the 6th. Sadly the ticket was soon revealed by his children to be a prank they had pulled on him. Distraught, Patrick fled his home to the pier of his recently acquired sea-faring vessel and sailed off into the high seas. All coast guard have been alerted to stay on watch and advise civilians to keep on the look out for Patrick’s vessel: “Lucky Ticket”

Konnichiwa A-Rod, Bronx Bomber Headed To Japan?

Is A-Rod headed for Japan?
Is A-Rod headed for Japan?


(Roiders A.P) With the net buzzing about A-Rod appealing his suspension and concerns about his future with the Yanks and his baseball career in general, sports insiders reveal a group of investors are planning to sweep up A-Rod and take him to the land of the rising sun! With a price tag that would turn your head, matching and raise on the Yanks. The investors are offering A-Rod a second chance to continue establishing his claim as one of Baseball’s living legends, and with that kind of dough, anyone’s performance could be enhanced!

Chris Brown leaves Music… for Comedy?

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine.

(Paraz Stilton) Pop star and well-known Casanova Chris Brown has announced his early retirement from the music industry this week, but insider sources reveal Brown’s next move: Comedy. They claim Brown has always enjoyed rom-com’s, buddy comedies, and fish out of water scenarios. Rumor has it that Brown is in talks with comedy super gods such as Tyler Perry, Will Farrell and Ashton Kutcher to co-produce his own screenplay “Brown Stains”


From Russia with Discrimination: Ruskies ban Gay Animals

Russian Police expelling sexually deviant dogs.

Russian Police expelling sexually deviant dogs

(TMI) Alarming news from Russia; in the wake of their crack-down on homosexuals and their right to express their lifestyle, Russia have expanded their efforts to discriminate against every species practicing what Russian authorities believe to be amoral and anti-Russian lifestyles, their new target? Dogs. Dogs are known to run free in Russia in packs, even riding the subway with free rein, all of that changed with Russian Authorities discovered within their dog population there was a significant amount of dogs that exhibited homosexual tendencies. Outraged by this revelation, the order has gone out to expel any dog from Russian borders that dares to behave in a manner not in code with strict Russian morality, such offenses include butt sniffing, car chasing and hole digging.

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