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posted on 8/27/13



The Amazing Spider-Man is all the rage these days. Lots of kids are itching to dress up like their favorite Marvel superhero. Luckily for parents (and comic-obsessed adults), it’s super easy to dress kids up like the Amazing Spider-Man. If your favorite Marvel-loving little super hero wants to dress up as Spidey’s alter ego, Peter Parker, the outfit is relatively simple. All you need is a backpack, a pair of glasses, and a camera.

Kudos to the kids who opt to dress up like super-nerd Peter Parker. But let’s talk Spider-Man. He kind of gives new meaning to the phrase five-tool player: superhuman strength, regenerative healing, ability to cling to surfaces, spidey-sense, genius-level intellect. The guy really has it all.

Raleigh Face Painting

Raleigh Face Painting

All you need to become the Amazing Spider-Man is some red, black, and white face paint. As always, start with a freshly washed face and hands. The first step is to create the white outline of spidey’s eyes. Using a sponge and some white paint, fill in the top lid, around the eyes, and create and arch above the natural brow. If that sounds complicated, all you really need to do is look at the spidey picture above for a little guidance. Once the eyes are outlined in white, paint the rest of the face (including your lips and beneath your eyes) red. With the black face paint, you’ll want to switch to a brush. First, outline your eyes with a thin black line. The last step is to add the webs. Start at the top of your nose right between your eyes. At this point, draw an X shape across the face. The X should get fairly close together at the forehead and, in turn, move farther apart down the face. Once the main X is drawn, add some supporting lines wherever you’d like. The last step is to simply add the “webbing.” To do this, just curve horizontal lines around the existing X.

It’s far more difficult to explain how to apply Spider-Man face paint than it is to actually apply it. If you’re having trouble, the best thing you can do is use a picture of some existing Spider-Man face paint as a guide. Remember to go slowly, have some tissues on hand in case you make any mistakes, and let each layer of face paint dry before applying the next. Baby wipes are also a great tool to have on hand in case you get a little face-paint happy. Go get ‘em, Spidey!

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