Tie A Bandana: Style Guide

posted on 5/23/13

No matter who you are, sometimes you don’t want someone to see your head! You might love head scarves, vintage or rockabilly looks, or just sometimes ya just wanna look like Jack Sparrow or Tupac, but no matter what, there’s a bandana style for you!

Classic-Style-Bandana (1)

1. Biker/Classic Style

1. Lay the bandana out flat, fold a single corner into the center.

2. Take the folded corner of the bandana and put it against your head and make a knot with the side corners, leaving the remaining corner hanging over your face.

3. Hold the knot in place with one hand to keep it tight, and tie a final knot by bringing the remaining loose corner under the previous knot (to keep it tight)

(source: http://www.bandannaclub.com/)


2.Pirate Style (The Jack Sparrow)

This style requires two bandanas

1. Fold one bandana horizontally into a headband and tie the ends together.

2. Lay the second bandana over the knot in the headband and tie the knot tails around the second bandana to hold it in place. (This gives the length for a flowing pirate captain look)

(source: http://family.go.com/)


3.Pinup Style

1. Put hair in loose bun. 

2. fold Bandana into a triangle and fold until about 3″ wide or as needed.

3. Place center under bun, at the nape of the neck and tie to a knot on top of your head. 

4. Tuck ends under (Use Hairclips)

(source: http://www.asuyeta.com/)


4. Boho 70s Style

Basically the reverse of the pin up, for this look, tease hair with comb or spray for that free flowing mane.

1. Fold the Bandana into a triangle and keep folding until about 2″ wide.

2.Place center on your upper forehead and tie to a knot on the back of your head. 

3. Tuck corners in (Use hairclips) 

(source: http://www.asuyeta.com/)


3. Rosie The Riveter Style

Another style that requires some prep before the bandana itself, primary, the hairstyle with curl in front, asuyeta.com recommends a bohemian french twist.

1. Fold the Bandana into a triangle.

2. Place center on nape of your neck and tie bottom ends once on top, (slightly behind haircurl for that vintage look). 

3. Twist last corner, tie all ends together. (Use hairclips)

(Source: http://vintagehair.livejournal.com/)


4. Hippie Style

1. Wrap Bandana around head for the messiest look you can achieve.

(source: common sense)


5. Dainty Style

This look is done with either a ponytail or teased with comb/spray. 

1. Twist the Bandana until its skinny. 

2. Wrap around your head and tie it to a bow or knot on the side of your head. (Use hairclips)

(source: http://www.asuyeta.com/)

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