Superhero Party

posted on 12/26/13

Superman came out on the 14th and earned $113.1 million in it’s first weekend, There is a ton of interest in costumed heroes! A superhero party is the theme event of the season. A fresh and positive concept for your next summer theme party. Here are some tips to get you started on your superhero party!

1. Decorations

Capes on chairs. Building in sky backdrops because superheroes like to fly. Sound effect signs — kaboom, pow, pop, whammo. Masks, colorful costumes, logos, faces. For decorations, there is a lot to work with when throwing a superhero party. There are bright, intense colors, striking outfits, and masked identities. Many like to have the feeling of being larger than life, as many superheroes are, quite literally with a miniature cityscape decor. Some like to feel like they are flying through the air in front of a clouds backdrop. Others prefer the heroes themselves: large bold logos, their faces plastered everywhere! But for your traditional superhero party, no need to focus on one style or character. An action packed and bright colored effect is what you’re going for with the superhero party.

2. Entertainment

Entertainment is huge with this theme party. Superhero parties are a product of the great entertainment archetype of the superhero. If a birthday party, the decision is easy. Simply the guest of honor’s favored hero will be the entertainment of choice either in movie, game, or comic book form. But for simply a superhero party, classic films and recent releases are usually a safe bet. Here are some great references for superhero movies with content and age-restrictions information. Very complete superhero/comic book/film list (always check imdb for film’s recommended age rating) Great resource for all new releases and upcoming superhero entertainment (always check imdb for film’s recommended age rating)

3. Snacks

Many for the grab bag style of superhero snacks, or the fresh fruit and h’edovcers or popcorn (the moves) for the superhero, all of these are excellent choices for party goer light snacking, there’s some very creative examples of superhero party snacks on pinterest:

Superhero Jello, a chilled color layered gelatin desert. A wonderful refreshment on a hot summer day.

Spider Pretzels for the webslingers, chocolate and icing drizzle over pretzel!

Super Snack, love the humor in this one, just a cube of cheddar/cheese, spinach, cherry tomato

4. Costumes

Perhaps the most important part of the Superhero Party is the heroes in their colorful costumes themselves. come dressed as your own, or pay homage with a logo, but either way, everyone’s a hero at the superhero party.

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