Teen CEOs To Watch In 2013

posted on 5/2/13

Many naysayers claim that the upcoming generation of Millennials are a bunch of entitled, lazy brats who will be way too dependent on their parents for way too long. However, there are plenty of ambitious and driven young people proving this stereotype wrong. With innovations being created and capitalized on by brilliant kids who are destined for success, perhaps it is time to reexamine our culture’s negative attitude towards the Millennial Generation. Here we have comprised a list of some truly impressive teenage CEO’s who are taking the business world by storm with their various endeavors.

Nick D’Aloisio

17 years old


Nick has found fame and fortune through the success of his mobile app Summly, which condenses news articles into succinct bullet points for quick perusal. His brilliant idea attracted a slew of wealthy investors, including Yoko Ono and Rupert Murdoch. Nick has been the subject of many high-profile articles in magazines such as Business Insider, Wired, and Forbes. He has been interviewed on several nation television programs including CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. Among other prestigious recognitions, Nick has also been honored with the Spirit of London Award for 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Leanna Archer

17 years old


Leanna’s path to financial success and media recognition was made possible by good old fashioned family recipes. When she was only 9 years old, Leanna created a line of hair products called Leanna’s Hair, which uses her grandmother’s secret formula. She has since expanded her line of merchandise to include skin care products as well. Leanna has been featured on BET’s Black Girls Rock, CNN, and the Wendy Williams show. She is the youngest person to have ever rung the opening bell for NASDAQ. Through her humanitarian efforts to feed and educate children in Haiti, Leanna has earned further recognition from BET and celebrity philanthropists like Janet Jackson.

Adam Horwitz

18 years old


After many failed online start-up attempts, Adam made his mark in the tech world when he launched an online business course called Mobile Monopoly, which teaches people how to make money via mobile marketing campaigns. Following the success of Mobile Monopoly, Adam created another company called YepText that makes it easy for local businesses to directly target their loyal customers through a text alert system. He has been profiled on CNN Money’s 8 Kid Entrepreneurs to Watch.

Hart Main

15 years old


Hart is the brainchild behind a scented candle company called Man Cans that specializes in masculine aromas. What originally started out as a joke has become a successful niche business. At the age of 13, Hart was able to tap into a whole new market by creating candles with smells like Dirt, Bacon, Sawdust, and Grandpa’s Pipe. His company also has a wonderful philanthropic component: the cans used to contain the candle wax are soup cans that Hart donates to local soup kitchens, and then retrieves after they are used.

Jason Li

16 years old


Jason established an electronics refurbishing company called iReTron his freshman year of high school. His business purchases used smart phones and other miscellaneous technology in order to resell it at a profit. Jason’s goals are not merely financially motivated, but also focus on environmental concerns. He aims to make a dent in the millions of tons of electronic waste that is generated every year. Any devices that Jason is unable to fix are donated to charity or brought to certified recycling centers.

Jake, Lachlan, and Erin Johnson

14, 17, and 19 years old


These industrious siblings developed a line of interactive jewelry called Flipoutz Bracelets. Jake, Lachlan, and Erin invented this revolutionary wrist accessory as a way for kids to trade interchangeable “traveling” coins all over the world. The coins have different themes so that kids are able to personalize their bracelets. When coins are shared, bracelet owners can go to the Flipoutz website to track their coin’s journey. The family went on ABC’s game show Shark Tank and walked away with a $100,000 investment with which to start their Flipoutz operation.

Ava Anderson

19 years old


Ava created a line of healthy personal care products that are produced and distributed by her company, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. This endeavor originated after Ava learned of the harmful chemicals present in most skin care and cosmetic products that claim to be “natural” and “organic”. With the help of her family, Ava was able to find manufacturers with the capability of researching ingredients that would meet her rigorous standards. This pioneering young woman is on a mission to inform consumers about the health hazards associated with using toxic chemicals on your skin and in your home.

Bhavesh Daryani

19 years old


Bhavesh started an advertising and marketing company called ApeForest which consults multi-million dollar companies on how to increase their website conversions and traffic. He has a very positive and proactive outlook towards business and life. Aside from his own passion for digital marketing and content strategy, Bhavesh is something of a motivational speaker. He encourages all people to pursue their dreams and enter the entrepreneurial lifestyle that he has so masterfully navigated.

These talented teens have raised the bar for high-achievers everywhere.

Some of them have even enjoyed celebrity status along with their hard-earned wealth. Thanks to the support of their families and communities, these kids have no problem bringing home the bacon. Although they are young, these teen CEO’s can serve as inspiration to people of all age groups. If you have a good idea, or see a market with untapped potential, seize the opportunity to carve out your own monetary niche. With student loan debt becoming an increasingly troublesome burden on society, the Millennial Generation would be well advised to consider entrepreneurship as a way to erase that debt. Looking towards the future, it will be interesting to see what new heights of success these budding moguls will reach!

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