Ten Best Dressed on the Red Carpet (2013)

posted on 2/21/13

Ah, Oscar Season! the stars shine so bright over the red carpet…. and Gosh, Look at the clothes! Helping to celebrate Tinseltown’s highest honor, here’s our picks for Ten Best Dressed on the Red Carpet!

#10 Alessandra Ambrosio


In a dress modeled from a 400 year old French Royal casket, Fashion Model Alessandra Ambrosio looks completely stunning with her Stalker Mask.

#9 Anne Hathaway


Don’t have a Cow Anne! Ms. Hathway in pile of wrinkly bedsheets that a toddler spilled glitter on, she completes her look with a Moo-eautiful Headpiece.

#8 Catherine Zeta-Jones


Catherine wowed them year after year with her stunning looks, this year is no different with her jaunty Burger Hat.

#7 Chris Brown


Chris “Bird” Brown loves to show that birds of a feather flock together, with a cheetah skin jacket and a chicken hat for his little peanut head!

#6 Faye Dunaway


Faye looks completely insane this year, with a bear nose and huge yellow gloves that look more fit for scrubbing the “dunaway” off your toliet than going to an awards ceremony!

#5 Halle Berry


Misson Control to Halle Berry, What the hell are you wearing?

#4 Jane Fonda


Jane Fonda looks a banana with a little pink head this year, to top off the outfit she added a lobster hat to really make this pillar of yellow shine!

#3 Kristen Stewart


Looking sullen and indolent, Kristen Stewart seen here in a multi-color adult propeller cap with a shredded bedazzled gown.

#2 Sally Fields


Hot Hot Hot! In a huge red dress that’s 80% on the floor, Sally lets everyone know who’s the hottest Pepper in town!

#1 Naomi Watts


Naomi Watts comes to visit us from the future in a glittery one shoulder gown with Hypervision Sunglasses, we’re trying to keep up with you Naomi but you’re leaving us all behind!

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