The Faces of Mrs. Claus

posted on 11/29/13


The Russian Santa has his daughter the snow maiden Snegurochka with her fashionable blue winter coats, but here in American, Saint Nick’s female counterpart, Mrs. Claus gets stuck with dresses and feminine clothing made from the same material as his; the red fabric, white trim and black buttons. In many depictions, Mrs. Claus is shown as the more grounded of the couple, handling the office affairs of the workshop, the naughty and nice list, overseeing the production of toys and very much being the stable one to Santa’s manic festivity.

Mrs. Claus is one of those folklore figures whose persona has changed to adapt to the times, the traditional being the more matronly, but as time goes on and costumes, images and appearances will become younger and sexier to fit the desires of men, in this article we will compare and contrast the traditional image of level headed Mrs. Claus with the modern sexy and feisty Ms. Claus


Mrs. Claus: The Matron

The original Mrs. Claus, first named in public sphere as “Gertrude”, she is the archetypal grandmother figure. Dotting, cookie baking, husband comforting and kind to all creatures that inhabit the North Pole, this is the most enduring image of Mrs. Claus, considered to be one-dimensional imperfect clone of Saint Nick, there is a move to depict her in more active roles, such as helping to deliver the gifts, instead of stuck in the clerical role as the North Pole’s elderly secretary/mother-figure. Despite her parental overtones, she is usually seen as childless (although there are some modern version of “Santa’s Daughter”) and somewhat wistful in her parental like treatment of Santa’s Elves.


Mrs. Claus: The Vixen

The modern sexy Ms. Claus. Sometimes this image of the female Santa is described as Santa’s Daughter, but often curiously enough, is also described as a “sexy Mrs. Claus” herself, perhaps the rationale being this image is a incarnation of younger version of the character or she is made youthful and voluptuous by Christmas Magic, in either case, this is a sign of youthful sexualization that is common with folklore in the modern era, (similar for example is Halloween Witches, now commonly shown as sexy but in the older common folklore, witches were for the most part described as horrifying hags) This is some argument over this new sexy Mrs. Claus if it is a step backward or forward for her persona, the con saying her dolling herself up and showing some skin making her further subservient to a man (Santa Claus) and others argue it’s a step forward, less of a granny cookie monger, and more in touch with her sexuality. Either way, it can’t be denied when Mrs. Claus was first introduced, showing her as a pouty lipped temptress would certainly shock and wow an early 19th century denizen.

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