Top Ten Celebrity Halloween Costumes

posted on 8/23/13

Celebrities–they’re just like us! They go camping, visit their local dentist twice a year, and even dress up for Halloween! Who cares that their Halloween budget is exponentially larger than my salary?

Budgets aside, celebrities have come up with some great Halloween costumes. If you’re having trouble coming up with your own ideas, take a look at some of these fantastic Halloween costumes from Hollywood’s A-list. This star-studded list will help you knock the socks off of your Halloween party.

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis

top ten celebrity halloween costumes

Reliving their old True Lies glory days, Schwarzenegger and Curtis teamed up again to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. The duo dressed up as nurses–Barbie and Ken nurses to be exact. If only they always wore nurse hats and scrub caps!

9. Katy Perry

top ten celebrity halloween costumes

Perry skipped the whipped-cream-dispensing bra for something a little more classic: Freddie Mercury. Bonus points go to Perry for the stubble and mustache. Going the extra mile really worked here.

8. Diddy (AKA Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, etc.)

top ten celebrity halloween costumes

Embracing a Roman state of mind, Diddy donned the bronze roman gladiator getup. Three cheers for Diddy, from Bros all around the world.

7. Jason Priestly
Top Ten Celebrity Halloween Costumes

My super adorable boyfriend, Brandon Walsh, uh I mean, Jason Priestly, tipped his hat to his native Canada with his Royal Mountie Costume.

6. Alyson Hannigan and Alex Denisof

top ten celebrity halloween costumes

These famed vampire Slayers (or maybe vampires–I’m not sure, I’m probably the only person who hasn’t seen the show) opted for the adorable Halloween costume when they dressed up as kangaroos with their adorable baby.

5. Marlee Matlin

top ten celebrity halloween costumes

Matlin, an Oscar winner and kick-ass dancer, can add Halloween costume connoisseur to her list of accolades after rocking this Jack Sparrow costume better than Johnny Depp. Long live the pirates.

4. Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku

top ten celebrity halloween costumes

I don’t think I have been to a Halloween party that didn’t feature a snarky couple dressed up as Bonnie and Clyde. Fox and Dushku upcycled the traditional gangster couple costume with a couple sets of sweet vampire teeth.

3. Heidi Klum

top ten celebrity halloween costumes

Google “Heidi Klum Halloween costume” and you’ll see the supermodel atop every Halloween costume list. But not here. Klum’s costume, of course, is totally awesome. But Klum is always expected to produce a totally awesome costume, so I’m giving her the three hole.

2. Whoopi Goldberg

top ten celebrity halloween costumes

+1,000,000 points for Whoopi and her Sister Act Halloween costume. Whoopi makes the nun life look amazing.

1. Matt Lauer

top ten celebrity halloween costumes

Celebrity newsman Matt Lauer traded in his chic suit for some sweet Daisy Dukes when he dressed up like socialite Paris Hilton. I really hope the pup is actually his family dog.

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