Top Ten Face Painting Tips

posted on 7/19/13

Face painting is an easy and inexpensive way to celebrate Halloween or any theme party. Both kids and adults love playing with different designs and it’s a fun way to spend time with family or friends. It’s important to keep a few tips in mind while you’re venturing down the face paint road.

1. Wash your face and your hands.
I’m starting with an obvious one here. Washing your face will remove oil or sweat which can interfere with the paint. You don’t need a special face wash–just use a favorite brand. Wash your hands as well!

2. Clean your brushes and sponges.
This one goes along the same lines as washing your face. Be sure to thoroughly clean brushes and sponges before using them again. Bacteria can live on brushes for a while, so after using them, run your brushes under warm water. Fill a small bowl with baby shampoo and dip the brush in the soapy mix. Rinse your brush or sponge and lay them flat on a cloth.

3. Take care of your paint.
Don’t leave the top off. Don’t leave it in the sun. Don’t let the kiddies grab the tube and squirt your paint all over the apartment. Face paint can last a while, so take care of it.

4. Use your sponges.
Sponges are a great way to cover a lot of area and save time. If you have to lay down a base, skip the brush and opt for your sponge. Be sure to have enough sponges for each color you need. That way, you won’t need to wash your sponge between colors.

5. Patience is a virtue!
I know that face painting is exciting and you just want to finish so you can show it off to your friends. However, rushing will produce work that looks, well, rushed! Be sure to let the first color of paint dry before you put on the second. This will prevent the colors from mixing.

6. Thin is in.
Apply a thin layer of one color. Let it dry. Apply another thin layer of the same color after the first layer has dried. Doing this a few times will prevent the paint from becoming too thick and cracking as it dries.

7. Stencils can help.
Stencils are a great way to get professional looking face paint without the skill of an artist. In the coming months, we’ll be posting free stencils for you to use!

8. Tissues and Q-Tips are your friends.
You’re bound to put a little too much paint in one place or smudge your colors. It’s a fact of life. Keep a box of tissues and q-tips on hand for these occasions. Baby wipes are also a great way to clean up mistakes!

9. Be smart!
Don’t paint over cuts, scratches, or rashes!

10. Have fun!
Have fun and get creative. Face painting is an easy and fun way to celebrate Halloween. You can even throw a face-painting party with your friends or family.

Be sure to stock up on face paint before you start! Black, white, gold, purple, red, and green face paint will help you make just about any design you can imagine!

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